Monday, February 9, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thor #4

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Thor #4
Written By Jason Aaron
Drawn By Russell Dauterman
Colors By Matthew Wilson

Tash Moore here and boy was this issue of Thor was so freaking good. I really dug the fact that we had Thor vs. Thor!! Yup, that’s totally right. Man Thor, son of Odin comes face to face with Female Thor. I was pretty much sure that New Thor was the Odinson’s mom. I mean, I really had that going through my mind. Heck, I even said it on the pod cast. More than once. So Odinson Thor has his freaky metal arm that we saw in the last Thor Ongoing. He’s needing it since you know, Malekith cut it off. We also have a great fight scene where Odinson comes to Midgard (Earth) to get his hammer, but in the mighty marvel manner, Thor and Ther (Female Thor) team up to fight the Frost Giants that came to the floating Roxxon Island.

Dario Agger has totally
turned into an even bigger jerk ass by stealing the skull of the Frost King, Laffey. Who you should also know is the dear old Dad of Loki. Hell, his name is Loki Laffeyson. That’s pretty damn clear storytelling if you ask me and by reading this rant means that you do. Or not, whatever. Also, I hate to jump around, (lies) but Russell Dauterman does a great job of drawing where the two Thor’s team up and throw down with the frost giants. Hell, one of them freeze Ther and swallows her up. I’m assuming that she gives him some crazy ass form on indigestion and blows him up from the inside out. Great stuff.

Thor and Ther kick all types of ass then Thor tries to call the hammer back to him. Well, it turns out that unlike the hammers I got at work, this one has free will. Yup. It chooses Ther and tells Thor to keep it moving, honey. Thor is hurt by this and he shed’s a single tear. Okay, maybe that didn’t totally happen but I kind of home that Jason Aaron is somewhere reading this and thinks it would be a kick to script this. Make it happen Aaron. Meh,now that I think about it he probably won’t. Seeing as how he’s busy cashing his sweet, sweet, Star Wars checks. You know, right before John Cassiday never gets finished drawing the damn thing and then we have to wait just as fucking long as it took his ass to draw Planetary!!! Am I padding this rant. You bet.

So yeah, Thor gives us the hammer and his name. From this day forward, or until we get a new Thor #1, which will most likely right after Marvel’s Secret War #8 (On sale soon!) Dude Thor is just the Odinson. Sans T-Shirt. But Odinson was all like, “Hey, Aren’t you my mom?” The Thor kisses him saying “ I SURE AM, SUGAR!”  Okay, she didn’t say that. She tells him that she ain’t. She flies off while telling Dario Agger that she’ll be coming after him and his evil ass company. She’ll bring them down and make sure they stop getting corporate tax cuts. So I’m thinking that SHIELD agent Roz Solomon is the new Thor. I mean all signs point to her, right? I mean it isn’t MRS. Thor so I’m pretty lost here. She’s my next and only choice for Thor 2.0

Good story. Which I felt was a little criminally short, but hey, it did let us know that we don’t know everything here and we should keep reading on. I mean, how else are we supposed to keep this book going. Plop down your $3.99, folks. It’s cool to have two Thors running around right now, it adds an interesting dynamic. Just as I typed that Thunderstrike is standing around saying “Hey Guys, don’t forget about me!” Too late, we already did. Oh well. Book is kind of late in the shipping but Russell Dauterman does a nice job with the art chores here. Keep him around for the long haul. My thumbs are up.

-Tash Moore

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