Monday, March 30, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #27

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #27
Written By Andy Diggle
Drawn By Shawn Martinbrough
Colored By Adriano Lucas

Hey, there,Verbal Moshers! Tash Moore here with my pick of the week. What better way to bring you my pick, which is super late than with a book this itself is later than fucking Prince to a party in 1999? Why it’s Thief of Thieves. You know? The Image comic book from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Imprint that ISN’T The Walking Dead. Yeah. Glad I could clear that up for you all.

For you guys out there Thief of Thieves is about a thief who has a heart of gold. To which he soon pawns. Wait,no. That’s not right. It’s really about a dude names Redmond who’s pretty much the greatest Thief known to man. You know a master thief who’s name isn’t Bob Kane. This is a guy who’s been picked up twice by the FBI and walked away richer by the fact that whatever they had

The Verbal Mosh Episode 307

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Batman and Robin #40, Invincible #118, Chew #47, and Daredevil #14 along with The Flash and iZombie are what we discuss on this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, COMIC BOOKpodcast. So swing right on over here, gang or hey, you can also hear this new episode on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #138

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    Last time we left this book, Carl was getting some nookie on a hilltop, Maggie was being poisoned by Gregory and......actually that was about it, that's all that was going on when we left the book. guess that means we need to crack open this month's issue and see what goodies are waiting inside this time around. Luckily for Maggie, Jesus was right there at the door just in time to notice her fall over from the poison put in her drink by Gregory. And unluckily for Gregory, jesus knows how to really kick people in the spine. Maggie wakes up soon after the fight and tells Jesus she's feeling better, then proceeds to completely 100% bitch down Gregory. Asking that he wants to be the leader of Alexandra, but he can't even poison someone correctly. Dude's a total and complete failure. Meanwhile, on that hilltop that Carl just got lucky on, him and Lydia start talking about her past and where she's from. It is then hinted at heavily that she may have been raped multiple times in her old group. Forced to do things she didn't want to do, for the enjoyment of others. She tells Carl that she doesn't want to go back to her group. Carl tells her that he's going to protect her and not let her do anything she doesn't want to. If she doesn't want to

The Verbal Mosh Episode 306

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Superman #39, Silk #2, and All New Captain America #5 are the books discussed on this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, comic book podcast. So swing (Like Spider-Man) over here to check out this new episode and it's also up on our Facebook page.
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Comics Rant: Wolverine #1

Wolverine #1
Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Frank Miller
Inks By Josef Rubenstein
Colors By Glynis Wein

Hot damn, there was a time when Wolverine didn’t even have his own ongoing title. I mean it would be about 1988 before that happened. But this tale bring Chris Claremont (before he fucked the X-Men titles up) and Frank Miller (Just before he fuck up uhhmmm, his life? I don’t know.) bringing you a tale of a hairy Canadian who truly just wants to be Asian. Wait, What? Before everyone and their best friends got a book, most guys had to get a mini series to test the waters so to speak, then if sales were high they’d get an ongoing. So this is pretty much a tale to see if people would pay for Wolverine doing his own thing.

This issue has that Frank Miller noir vibe that really isn’t noir but it’s before Miller totally just said “Fuck it” and just did scratch lines in his work and then running to the bank to cash the check before the editor could check to see what they had paid for. Yup.

Comics Rant: Captain America #2

Captain America #2
Written By Mark Waid
Pencils By Ron Garney
Inks By Bob Wiacek
Colors By Digital Chamelon’s Joe Rosas

I bet you guys didn’t know that Captain America is totally a complicated man and no one understands but his….Shield. You damn, right. Captain America is back. And by back I mean he’s back in the regular Marvel U. (Blame, Bob Harris.) He’s back to kick ass and collect any mail that was left at S.H.I.E.L.D HQ. No word on if Nick Fury opened Cap’s Social Security checks. So our issue, Well, not mine, It’s really Mark Waid and Ron Garney’s issue, starts with Hydra (these guys again?) attempting to steal a new fancy submarine, from who else? The Navy. By the way,  I just wanted to point out that Hydra is always attempting something. They just never seem to be able to follow through with anything. No wonder all their plans seem to fall apart.

So yeah, Hydra is trying to steal this sub that

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #10

Silver Surfer #10
written by Dan Slott
art by Michael Allred

Galactus is ready to consume yet another planet. What makes this scenario doubly hard to deal with for the people on that planet is that each and every one of them are the last few survivors from other planets that had already been consumed by Galactus. It's basically one of their worst nightmares come true all over again. The only option left for survival is to make a deal with Galactus.

Things are still not great between Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood ever since she found out that the Surfer used to be Galactus' herald. I see this whole business with Galactus to be a huge test on the strength of their relationship. I don't think their relationship is over yet but I'm not sure if Dawn would be capable of seeing Surfer for who he is right now or if she would only see him for his past deeds and the person he was. She certainly can't forget his past right now.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Comics Rant: Captain America #1

Captain America #1
Written By Mark Waid
Pencils By Ron Garney
Inks By Bob Wiacek
Colors By Digital Chamelon’s Joe Rosas

I was cleaning out a shelf and boom! A trade fell and totally hit me in the head. So since Mark Waid and his Daredevil run is all the rage I figured I’d write a few rants about his awesome 1990’s Captain America stuff. This was around the time of the “Heroes Return” era. You see kids back in the 1990’s Jim Lee and Rob Lei field were considered stars. Laughable at this point, Lee can still go when there is a paycheck to be had and Rob, well I guess he just lives on Todd McFarlane’s couch while sneaking out every so often to not draw feet and eat scraps from the dumpster.

So yeah, Mark Waid was writing Captain America

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #137

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Things are getting stickier at the Hilltop. Lydia is still being held in her cell, and Carl continues to talk to her to make her feel comfortable. He even gave her Rick's hat! You don't just give away Rick Grimes' hat dammit!!! She's slowing making him fall in her trap, at least I think she's got something planned. When Maggie finds out, she's not too thrilled either, Carl actually tries defending this girl, saying she shouldn't be killed for the mistakes of her people. Once Lydia sees Maggie and Jesus scolding Carl, she decides to not cooperate with them. Awesome. And to make matters worse, the two boys who Carl almost killed have woken up Sent from my iPhone

Carl finally goes to see Sophia but is soon interrupted by

Monday, March 16, 2015

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #205

Fantastic Four #205
Written By Marv Wolfman
Pencils By Keith Pollard
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Glynis Wein

By Odin’s Beard, wait, no, that isn’t right. Tash Moore here, and man, I got a kick of this retro issue of the Bronze Age Fantastic Four. Well, I wouldn’t say Fantastic Four because the Human Torch didn’t go with the FF to help the planet of Xandar. Which if you asks me, it’s pretty damn selfish. I mean, Dr. Doom didn’t even get to finish college and Johnny Storm thinks he can! Bah! Doom needs to show up in one of the classes just to throw a bottle of wine at Johnny. The goober.

But thankfully the Fantastic Four (Three?) arrive just in the

The Verbal Mosh Episode 305

Thor #6, Spider-Man 2099 #10, and Amazing Spider-Man #16 are the books we discuss on this week's episode of the comic book podcast, The Verbal Mosh. So go ahead and tune in right here or heck, even go listen on our Facebook page.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: All New Hawkeye #1

Tash’s Pick of the Week: All New Hawkeye #1
Written By Jeff Lemire
Drawn By Ramon Perez
Colors By Ian Herring & Ramon Perez

Hawkeye? As my pick of the week? I totally didn’t see that coming. To be honest the only reason I decided to pick up this book is because of Jeff Lemire. I’ve been a big fan of his since his work on Animal Man and Sweet Tooth. So I mean it makes total sense that I’d give this a shot. Lemire and Ramon Perez along with Ian Herring did a bang up job here. I like the contrast between Clint Barton as a young man and the painted parts of the book and then back to the present when the semi cartoony work by Perez. It was so freaking enjoyable on so many different levels.

So the flashback has Clint

Comics Rant: Batman Full Circle

Batman: Full Circle
Written By Mike W. Barr
Penciled By Alan Davis
Inks By Mark Farmer
Colors By Tom Ziuko

So yeah, if you dress up in spandex and fight crime pretty much things do run full circle. Oh so the title of the tale I’m righting a rant about. This one shot is a follow up to Batman Year Two by Mike W. Barr and thankfully he’s bringing Alan Davis as the artist with him. Good thing too, because I was totally tired of looking at those funky ass lines that Todd McFarlane “drew.” So I guess this could really be called Batman Year Three or two and a half or something. Shit, the Batman editor’s don’t even know how old this guy is, so I’m pretty much just throwing my hands up and going along with this whole thing.

This story has Robin in it, you know the original Dick Grayson one. Batman and Robin foil a drug bust, bust since Robin is still pretty new to this whole fighting in tights gig he gets a bullet hole blown right through his cape. Batman can’t have that. He just got this kid so he grounds Robin from going out as Robin for the time being. So naturally Robin starts to boo hoo about it. But Batman has his foot down. I guess it’s no super tight green shorts for Dick Grayson. Bummer.

The Verbal Mosh Episode 304

Detective Comics #40, Hulk #12, and Miracleman #16, along with Gotham are what we discuss on this week's EPISODE of The Verbal Mosh, comic book podcast. Tune in to this brand new episode right over here,or hell you can even listen to it here on our Facebook page.
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #13

Daredevil #13
written by Mark Waid
art by Chris Samnee

Watch out, radioactive devil!
I love the work this creative team does on this book. Matt is trying to have a normal relationship with McDuffie, but there's trouble. Of course Matt would expect trouble finding him as he is Daredevil, but the twist here is that trouble isn't looking for Matt. He's looking for Kirsten McDuffie!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #204

Fantastic Four #204
Written By Marv Wolfman
Pencils By Keith Pollard
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Francoise M.

This issue starts off with little Franklin Storm riding the Thing like a pony. Sounds like a good idea at the time. No word or if riding a guy who’s pretty much made of orange rock gave little Franklin himorids. But before The Thing can run off to his date with Alicia Masters ( The only woman other than Mrs. Thing to want to get down with Ben Grimm) Agatha Harkness swings by to take Franklin to his lessons. Whatever those are. It’s never said. Better not to dwell on it. So Franklin goes and Sue complains to Reed that they don’t spend enough time with their son. Reed ain’t really hearing that because something from space is stealing energy from outer space.

So I really don’t want to keep you in suspense but

The Verbal Mosh Episode 303

Batman #39, Chew #46, Thief of Thieves #26, Spider-Man 2099 #9, and Amazing Spider-Man #15 including Gotham and the Flash are what we discuss on this week's episode of the comic book podcast, The Verbal Mosh. So tune in right here to our new episode or even check it out here for free on our Facebook page. 
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