Thursday, March 19, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #137

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Things are getting stickier at the Hilltop. Lydia is still being held in her cell, and Carl continues to talk to her to make her feel comfortable. He even gave her Rick's hat! You don't just give away Rick Grimes' hat dammit!!! She's slowing making him fall in her trap, at least I think she's got something planned. When Maggie finds out, she's not too thrilled either, Carl actually tries defending this girl, saying she shouldn't be killed for the mistakes of her people. Once Lydia sees Maggie and Jesus scolding Carl, she decides to not cooperate with them. Awesome. And to make matters worse, the two boys who Carl almost killed have woken up Sent from my iPhone

Carl finally goes to see Sophia but is soon interrupted by Maggie, who needs to talk to him. We assume she tells Carl that they're going to let Lydia out of her cell, since she's becoming less cooperative. This makes him completely responsible for her. Later on that day, he lets her out of her cell telling her just that. He's responsible for her and if he feels she's endangering someone, he won't hesitate to kill her. A pretty straightforward message if you ask me, but hey, whatever works.

Maggie heads over to Gregory's trailer to talk things over about the angry family. And if you remember from the last issue, Gregory was voted to be the one to kill Maggie and he spikes her wine. It doesn't take long for the chemicals to react and Jesus comes in just in one to find her on the ground and Gregory standing over her. OH BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Carl and Lydia seem to be doing some bonding of their own. She really lets her crazy out when she asks Carl to see his eye hole...then she licks it. She seems to be turned on by it and pins Carl down on the grass asking if he's ever had sex before which we know he hasn't. It's all good, she says she'll show him. W...TF? Dammit Kirkman, you got us again. All hooked and shit. Good thing this book is readable again, I liked the multiple stories all branching out so it doesn't feel like the book has become one big story. It's a good way to give the mind a breather in between characters. Keep up the good work gentlemen, until next week!!!

-Matt Milanes

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