Monday, March 9, 2015

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #13

Daredevil #13
written by Mark Waid
art by Chris Samnee

Watch out, radioactive devil!
I love the work this creative team does on this book. Matt is trying to have a normal relationship with McDuffie, but there's trouble. Of course Matt would expect trouble finding him as he is Daredevil, but the twist here is that trouble isn't looking for Matt. He's looking for Kirsten McDuffie!

Meanwhile the Owl and the Shroud are keeping surveillance over Daredevil. It's really creepy and I love the way it's illustrated. The Owl hovers, meditatively, in this digital forest of information belonging to Matt and everyone in his life. The irony in the story is that Kirsten comes to find out that her own father is spying on her as a precaution for dating Daredevil, since the man obviously has enemies and the dad wants to make sure nothing happens to his daughter.

The artwork is so good. From the colors to the inks. One scene in the story did bother me, though, and it's my only nit-pick. When McDuffie confronts the man out to get her, the way the panels of his face and her face line up looks so creepy and like it's all one face, especially since the knives the whacko holds in the bottom panel overlap into the above panels. It was difficult for me to look past that and it took me out of the story for a second.

There's a lot of good intrigue in this story. We don't even know what the Shroud and Owl have planned yet. We just see them looking evil. I also like the way the characters' relationships are progressing. Matt and Kirsten are cute together and I like how the really mushy scenes happen briefly. This is such an entertaining book to read. I wonder if Matt ever went back to speak to Kirsten's dad or did he just hit the sheets with McDuffie after this issue ended. My guess is that he probably forgot about the guy, especially with McDuffie safe and in his arms. I love the cover to this issue, too. It reflects the theme of the story nicely.

-O. Pelaez

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