Saturday, March 21, 2015

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #10

Silver Surfer #10
written by Dan Slott
art by Michael Allred

Galactus is ready to consume yet another planet. What makes this scenario doubly hard to deal with for the people on that planet is that each and every one of them are the last few survivors from other planets that had already been consumed by Galactus. It's basically one of their worst nightmares come true all over again. The only option left for survival is to make a deal with Galactus.

Things are still not great between Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood ever since she found out that the Surfer used to be Galactus' herald. I see this whole business with Galactus to be a huge test on the strength of their relationship. I don't think their relationship is over yet but I'm not sure if Dawn would be capable of seeing Surfer for who he is right now or if she would only see him for his past deeds and the person he was. She certainly can't forget his past right now.

One of my favorite things about this issue is the way Michael Allred draws Galactus' face. It's so perfectly menacing. I love the splash page with Galactus, Dawn, and the Surfer, who's attacking Galactus so quickly it looks like there are multiples of him. The composition and the inking on it are great. I like the way all of the characters in this issue are drawn, too.

So, the main plot point of this story is that someone has to take up the position to be Galactus' new herald in order to spare the planet from destruction. Surfer had tried to take on Galactus single handedly, but he really didn't think his plan through as the source of his power comes from Galactus. He can hardly affect any damage. So, everyone on the planet volunteers to become the new herald but it doesn't tempt Galactus as he had already devoured their home planets. He sees there's nothing to be gained by using any of them as his herald. The only planet he didn't devour is Earth, so Dawn Greenwood agrees to become the new herald. It looks very painful as she goes through the transformation but she is eventually saved from the whole thing. A compromise is able to be worked out. The people save their lives and Galactus is fed. I wouldn't have thought Galactus to be so open-minded. Though I guess he's more simple-minded and truly only cared whether he got to eat or not.

I really liked this issue. I liked it better than the last issue where the sudden disintegration of Dawn and Norrin's relationship began. In this issue there's a glimpse that Dawn still cares about Surfer when she thinks he dies. It shows that there was meaning to their relationship and it's not so easily forgotten. It was strange to see her turn so quickly against the Surfer at first but it made sense considering the Surfer's past. This conflict is good for the characters and it'll be good for their growth to see how they adapt.

-O. Pelaez

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