Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: All New Hawkeye #1

Tash’s Pick of the Week: All New Hawkeye #1
Written By Jeff Lemire
Drawn By Ramon Perez
Colors By Ian Herring & Ramon Perez

Hawkeye? As my pick of the week? I totally didn’t see that coming. To be honest the only reason I decided to pick up this book is because of Jeff Lemire. I’ve been a big fan of his since his work on Animal Man and Sweet Tooth. So I mean it makes total sense that I’d give this a shot. Lemire and Ramon Perez along with Ian Herring did a bang up job here. I like the contrast between Clint Barton as a young man and the painted parts of the book and then back to the present when the semi cartoony work by Perez. It was so freaking enjoyable on so many different levels.

So the flashback has Clint
as a kid growing up under an abusive father with his brother. Clint just wants to run around and play and collect frogs. You know, like most kids his age back in uhmm, well hell the way comic books play fast and loose with peoples ages this could have been the 1990’s or 80’s. Hell, I’m not really sure. But it was back in the day. Works for me. So back to the present time and Clint is now teaming up with the “Hawkeye” Kate from the awesome “Young Avengers”. Now that I think about it, I really miss that book.

So Team Hawkeye has been asked by Maria Hill to infiltrate a secret Hydra base. Wait, aren't they all supposed to be a secret? I t really think that sometimes these assholes post for bad guys on Craiglist. I mean, how else do they get so many losers to show up on a whim and are clearly that willing to walk around rocking skin tight green spandex. Somebody sign me up. So yeah, Team Hawkeye are there and they are sent to get back a secret weapon. (Weapon X?) but Maria Hill never tells them what it is. She just gives them the old “You’ll know it when you see it” bit meaning that at this point when Jeff Lemire was writing even he didn’t fucking know what he was doing. Kind of like what I’m doing with this rant.

So Clint and Kate don’t find what they cam for so they make a be line for the exit. it’s even got that cool giant metal door that slides down. No back guy hideout is truly complete without the giant metal sliding door. Ramon Perez does a great job showing just how complex it is to run from lots of Hydra soldiers and trying to fight them off at once. By no means is it easy. I mean, unless Geoff Johns is writing it.  (Hyio!) So Clint slides under the aforementioned giant sliding door. But crap on a stick he leaves Kate behind, so she has to find another way out leaving Clint to fight to find a way back in!

Clint rushes back inside, meanwhile Kate finds a secret Hyrda bunker and finds the so called Secret Weapon she and Clint are supposed to looking for. Surprise, surprise, it’s some children with wires in their heads. Oh, did I mention that they all have huge heads, no doubt from Hydra doing wacky experiments on them. Tune in next week, to find out just what the hell is going on? I’m down for the ride. This is a fun comic that gets away from the seriousness that seem to dominate the comic book landscape. It’s good clean fun, uhm, minus the big headed kids. But that can be forgiven, it’s Jeff Lemire, and he can even make two Hawkeye’s fun. Not easy to do, but he’s always been a bit of a miracle worker. Join me next month for the follow up here or on The Verbal Mosh Podcast.

-Tash Moore

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