Monday, March 30, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #27

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #27
Written By Andy Diggle
Drawn By Shawn Martinbrough
Colored By Adriano Lucas

Hey, there,Verbal Moshers! Tash Moore here with my pick of the week. What better way to bring you my pick, which is super late than with a book this itself is later than fucking Prince to a party in 1999? Why it’s Thief of Thieves. You know? The Image comic book from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Imprint that ISN’T The Walking Dead. Yeah. Glad I could clear that up for you all.

For you guys out there Thief of Thieves is about a thief who has a heart of gold. To which he soon pawns. Wait,no. That’s not right. It’s really about a dude names Redmond who’s pretty much the greatest Thief known to man. You know a master thief who’s name isn’t Bob Kane. This is a guy who’s been picked up twice by the FBI and walked away richer by the fact that whatever they had
on him was never able to stick and he sued for tons of money. Lucky him.

From the start of this series, Redmond has been trying the whole “I stole way too much and now I can live like a king but something keeps pulling me back.” I know how Redmond feels. It’s like whenever I pay a bill those motherfuckers just keep showing up 30 days later asking for the same amount. The nerve of some people. (Bills.) Ahem, so like most people Redmond’s son, Augustus is a total screw up. He tries to be as cool as his old man. But one thing that seems to be a proven point is that who a kids tries to be like dear ol’ Dad (Or mom) the shoes (Or heels) are almost always too big to fill.

Augustus run afoul of a powerful Colombian drug lord. (Aren't they all!?!) Redmond has to use all of his skill, cunning and a little bit of luck to save his ex wife and dumb ass son. Thankfully, this wasn’t my kid. I’d has just washed my hands of it and hid away from the Colombian drug lord, whom I’m pretty sure his name was Folgers. This guy was clearly hiding in every cup. Or something. Redmond spends several issue dealing with this a trying to stay one step ahead of his enemies to keep his family safe. So much so that he pulls his biggest heist by stealing the Black Book of a powerful Italian mob boss. Why does it seem like jobs for Italians are always limited to just Pizza maker or Mob boss? And now folks, The Simpsons did not lie to me.

Well Redmond does the impossible and not only kills the Mob boss but also the Drug lord and leave peacefully. This time our guy means it. He’s retired and wants to just enjoy his money and hooch. I mean, after all, isn’t that what retirements all about? But this is where the plot thickens. The FBI Agent, Elizabeth Cohen is trying to come after Redmond again. This time with no FBI or law to hold her from trying to bring him down. She gets a licence to be a private eyes. While Redmond’s assistant and right hand woman, Celia takes the name for herself. It’s pretty bold. Celia tries to get the old crew back, but since the real Redmond is cool just sitting on tons and tons of money, they want no part of stealing. Kind of makes sense to me.

Celia tries to go it alone. We all know how that turns out because Celia thinks she’s got an easy in to steal some defense documents.  But she gets busted red handed but the FEDS!  Great story here and the art is top notch. I’ve been a fan of Martinbrough’s since I saw his body of work and a teen on Detective Comics with Greg Rucka. He’s still a great storyteller with a smooth and even flow. This comic book is getting good again and just when I thought that I should stop buying it, they pull this story together to compel me to stick around. Good stuff. My thumbs are up. But mainly because I’m dancing.

-Tash Moore

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