Monday, April 6, 2015

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #17

Amazing Spider-Man #17
Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inked By Victor Olazaba
Colored By Edgar Delgado

Tash Moore here, and as you all know I love Spider-Man. I have and always will be such a huge fan of Spidey. I mean, Unless Spider-Man calls me himself and tells me I’m an ass I’ll continue to plunk down my $3.99, (Soon to be $8.99) for this comic. So I get this issue in the mail and decided to just go ahead and write a rant about it. It’s not like I’ve got much going on. I mean it is Monday, but Gotham isn’t on so I need to do something other than drink coffee and play Tecmo Bowl.

So Peter and Anna Marie are having Dinner with Aunt May and Jay. I’m always up for free food but I am a bit bummed out that May didn’t force Pete and Anna Marie to
eat Wheat Cakes. I mean those things did kill Uncle Ben. Oh Wait, no they didn’t. It was a burglar. But I’m willing to bet dude ATE Wheat cakes then shot some holes in Uncle Ben. I’m sure it happened like that. Maybe.

So yeah, May, Peter, Anna Marie and Jay are having dinner and May is showing off this strange object that they won in a auction. The item once belonged to the Black Cat. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Go figure. Taking something from a master thief. Yeah, that’ll make me feel comfortable. Once Anna Marie and Pete break the news that they aren’t really together anymore, Anna Marie tells Peter that maybe going forward he should I don’t know, tell the truth, I mean not the whole truth (So help him God.) but just enough to keep people from connecting the dots to him being Spider-Man.

Back at the office, Peter and the crew work on their plan for a new super prison, but Alchemex has hired The Ghost to take down Parker Industres. Because Alchemex want’s the huge Government Contract to build the next Super Villian Prison. Clearly, It’s all about the money! (Stan Lee Voice!)  Peter and crew have a working floor to show off but then true to form, The Ghost shows up and starts to wrecking shit. Which you know is his M.O.    Anna Marie leads the charge to get everyone to safety before Peter new fancy ass prison can kill them. Which is bad if you’re keeping count. Which you aren’t.

Sajani never really cared for this idea of building a new Super Max Prison. Wow, Peter should totally send her on the way. Who needs someone who doesn’t take direction and shooting down all their bad ideas? Wait, why is she still working there? It must be because she’s so spunky. That must be it. So Peter decides to switch to his Spider-man duds. Sajani takes it upon herself to find Ghost and strike a deal. She’ll give up the goods to ruin the prison so Parker Industries can move on to her project. Ghost ain’t having none of that. So he’s still going to bring down the Prison plan AND kill Sajani! I wonder if he’s going to change extra for this. Time will tell. But this issue isn’t over yet. There’s a back up story.

It’s pretty much Black Cat stealing back all the things that were taken from her when Doc Ock Spidey sent her ass up the river to jail. So she steals her painting back and it’s only one item left. it’s the goofy ass statue that belong to Aunt May and Jay Jameson. Huh? Didn’t see that coming. Nice back up because it shows the more evil that Black Cat becomes her bad luck powers are getting stronger. Good for her, for too long she was a bit player now she’s top dog. Or cat. Or Whatever. Good issue with good characterazation. Slott and Ramos hit it out of the park again. Thumbs up, gang.

-Tash Moore


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