Sunday, April 12, 2015

Comics Rant: Captain America #4

Captain America #4
Written By Mark Waid
Pencils By Ron Garney
Inked By Bob Wiacek
Colors By Joe Rosas

Capamania is taking over the nation. Unfortunately, Captain America doesn’t feel the urge to nonsensically tear off his shirt and then body slam any fat foreigner. (How dare you be foreigner?!?).  But Cap is a pretty big deal. People love him and want to buy tons of his merch and shower him with praise. Vince McMahon is said to have been jealous of these developments. It’s Captain America and Hawkeye day as the two decide on this day (And this issue) to take a day out on the town. It is 1998 and Super Heroes are pretty much guaranteed at least one day off. Now in 2015, not so much. A Marvel hero now, pretty much saves the day (in their own book) then as soon as they sit down for coffee, boom! Here comes the next asshole bad guy. Oh, and that happens here, too. But with a twist.

Cap here is all like “ I don’t want people to make money off my image! I just to do good!”
Hawkeye responds that Cap is awesome and it’s about time the whole damn country got behind that. Dying and then coming back to life will do that for a hero. Hell, Just ask Superman. Better yet, maybe not. Captain America just might come back with a new Red and Blue outfit. But unlike now, it’ll be a separate uniform. And electric! And crappy! Count your lucky stars, Cap, you could be over at DC!

Back at Hyrda headquarters, the new Hydra leader who wants to go by the name Sensational Hydra (as opposed to Supreme) is getting a little too excited at watching Captain America and Hawkeye on their day off via CCTV, or whatever it is they used to spy on people back with Bill Clinton in the White House. But ait, Batroc shows up and wants to fight Cap. He was the guy hired by Hyrda last issue to go after Captain America. So Batroc want’s to fight and since this is a smart comic from Mark Waid, Cap just says no. The fight serves no purpose and Cap is tired of playing defense and just walks away. Sense of self worth is worth more than a dude with a bad French accent trying to take your life. Yup.

As Captain America tries to walk away, Hawkeye gets involved with Batroc. I mean, in most cases this would be a pretty even battle but since Hawkeye at this point still a immature dumbass he tries to start fighting Batroc on the ice rink at 30 Rock. (Moron!) Hawkeye is slipping and falling and getting punch all up in his face by Batroc which makes the public laugh. Hell,it’s making me chuckle as I type it. So yes, Captain America gets involved and saves Hawkeye. Batroc throws the fight telling Cap and crew that he was paid to throw the fight by Hydra. Cap can’t understand why but he’s  happy to get Batroc from fighting around Innocent people. Works for me. Sensational Hydra explains his plan is to build up Captain America in the eyes of the public so he can tear him down. Good plan, but I don’t think it’ll work. I mean, his down book is still being publish to this day. Go figure. But I like this approach as to the standard super hero tales hitting the rack back in the day. It was something totally diffident which helped it stand out at the time. Action, development and Hawkeye cracking on Captain America! It’s everything you’d ever want out of a comic book.

-Tash Moore

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