Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Comics Rant: Daredevil #170

Written and art by: Frank Miller
Inks by: Klaus Janson

This issue opens up with a nightly jog on a bridge. Some young folk and and older gentlemen are out for a run when they're joined by an occasional participant, Matt Murdock's alter ego, Daredevil. He runs up a beam and leaps off at the top swinging around with the help of his billy club and he's off to patrol the rest of the city. At a run down bar some thugs are getting together having a drink and reminiscing about getting their asses kicked. One thug, Turk, is shit talking Daredevil against the better judgement of the other thugs. Well little does he know, the Devil is right behind him. Turk gets freaked out and throws HIMSELF out the window of the bar! He steals a local cab and makes his attempt at his escape. Luckily for everyone, the muffler is busted and the noise helps Daredevil find the cab easier. He catches the thug and kicks in the windshield and cracks him in the face. No, seriously, he kicks through the windshield. That's gonna be an expensive fix. This causes Turk to crash the car and Daredevil yanks him out telling him he doesn't want to fight, just information. Gee Hornhead, could've friggin fooled me. He's been hearing rumors of dirty money changing dirty hands, and Turk spills the entire can of beans. A massive hit has been put out on one man. All freelance criminals are banning together to take out one man. A man who's not even in the country anymore. A man who will be played soon by Private Pile, or that guy from that TV show. The Kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk.

How though? The Kingpin skipped the country and shacked up in Japan with enough money to buy himself a mansion. Enough men and guns to make that mansion a fortress. There's no reason for him to come back, that's the hard part. One of the men he trained with made the stupid mistake by bringing up his old name, Kingpin. Well this sets Fisk off and he starts beating the shit out of this poor kid. The beating ends when his wife, Vanessa walks in letting Fisk know he has a guest. This guest is an attorney from the U.S., but don't worry, it's not Matt. It's an attorney from the attorney generals office. He's here to negotiate files that would sell out many of his old lieutenants. He would have to eat them out for 7 million bucks and s clear name. This was a big step. Meanwhile back in New York, lawyer Matt Murdock gets to work early to find his partner and best friend, Foggy Nelson asleep on his desk. This never happens, and when he wakes up and tells his story, Matt notices a spike in his heart rate. He was lying. And just at that moment, some thugs come kicking the law office's door down, and shortly after Vanessa herself walks through the door.

She tells Matt and Foggy that she requires their legal help to keep her husband safe. Matt is about to consider it when he hears from far away a gun prepare to fire. The magazine slide into place, the bullet into the barrel and just as the bullets fly through the window, Matt dives to move Vanessa out of the way. He takes this opportunity to run out and throw on the Devil suit. He catches the man responsible, a retired merc named Bruno. He's got this badass arm that he replaces with weapons. He swaps the machine gun for s flamethrower but just as he's about to finish the job, Daredevil shows up. They have a fight where Daredevil dominates the entire time. This old slug can't keep up. He can't stay on his feet either, he slips off the roof and Daredevil catches him last minute by his rope on the billy club. Bruno's flamethrower however burns through the rope and Bruno falls to his death, many stories below. Matt wonders if the price he was offered was worth it. Just then, Matt remembers that one criminal in particular should be getting out of jail very soon. He makes it back to his office in a hurry, and the cops are there. There's been a kidnapping. Vanessa has been kidnapped.

With the thug left over not talking, that leaves Matt and Foggy as the only suspects and they're all going downtown for questioning. Before that, Matt breaks away and slips on the Devil's outfit to check up on Bullseye, who's conveniently at a meeting being hired to take out the Kingpin for a nice 10 million dollars. (Insert picture of Dr. Evil here) Daredevil breaks the meeting and the fight ensues. It's leaning towards the Devil's side until Bullseye kicks Matt out the window! It's all good, that's what the billy club is for, right? Until Bullseye cuts the wire. Ooookay well there's s flagpole nearby as Matt falls, so maybe he can grab the flag and hang on. But it rips. Allllllright well there's a gargoyle sticking out of the building and he can cling onto it with the flag...until the head breaks off. Can a daredevil catch a god damn break?! That break comes in the form of s truck that he lands in and falls unconscious. Meanwhile, throughout the city, rats and snakes come out of their holes. Questions are being asked and answers are being looked for. One man finally speaks, the man trusted by the Kingpin to acquire a new hideout reveals the exact time and location of the Kingpin's arrival after three hours of torture. The next morning a team of hitmen await a plane on a farm and when it finally lands it turns out to be a bomb, killing all of them. Soon after, another plane lands. Apparently the Kingpin knew he would be sold out and prepared for it. No long is this the humble Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin of Crime is back and in full force!

Another masterpiece issue by Miller. A dark story leading to a much darker one to come. Keep in mind the Netflix series that starts soon is all based off Miller's work so get ready to see a lot of similarities. Keep checking for new rants on Daredevil and others. Until next week!!!

Matt Milanes

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