Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #207

Fantastic Four #207
Written By Marv Wolfman
Pencils By Sal Buscema
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Ben Sean

No Fantastic Four this issue. It’s all the Human Torch and his dumb ass hanging around “Security College.” Which sounds like a complete oxymoron because there seems to be none on campus whatsoever. Okay, so our tale starts off with Peter Parker, (Wait, isn’t this a Fantastic Four comic?) getting a new job at the Daily Globe since he got let go by JJJ. Huh, it only took a decade for Pete to figure out that JJJ was a shitty boss. Somehow Parker doesn’t seem all that bright here.

So Peter has been giving a new job with more money and benefits. Well, it’s about time. So Peter’s
first gig is to investigate Security College. Back at the College, the Monocle, which I always thought was a pretty shitty bad guy name, uses his hypno powers to force Johnny Storm and some of the other kids there to attempt to steal some weapons for the Monocle and whatever troll face goobers he’s working for.

But since Peter is on the way, as Spider-Man no less, he sees all this and stops to kick it with the Human Torch. But guess what, he’s still Hypnotized. So Spidey follows the Torch, back to Security College. Back at the college, the goobers who are the bosses to the Monocle tell him to shut down the school now that they have the weapons stolen from the army base. But Monocle ain’t about to have that so he rebels and keeps the school open like a jerk ass.

Spidey confronts Torch about the stealing and so forth. The conversation went kind of like this..

Spidey: “Dude, you totally stole some army weapons!”
Torch: “No way, dude. Really? Prove it!”
Spidey: “Here, I took photos! And it’s completely creepy in anyway!”

So we get a merry Marvel Team Up. Spider-Man and the Human Torch kicking the Monocle’s ass all up and down upstate New York. Monocle makes a quick getaway in a Mr. Burns like rocket ship. I wonder if he had his own Mr. Smithers to not allow in like an ass. These are questions the world needs to know.  Spidey and Torch shake hands and then smile at the reader because it’s a comic by Marv Wolfman in the late 1970’s and he was his own editor. That shit won’t fly in today’s Marvel. This was a fun little team up. Wolfman did a great job writing the Torch but boy he didn’t really have a handle on writing Spider-Man. I mean, he’d get better when he took over writing Amazing Spider-Man about a year later. Big ups to Sal Buscema who came in to guess draw this issue. He’s a real pro, and one of the best damn artist from the Silver Age. Hell, one of the best artist, PERIOD! Nice back and forth with the two heroes.

-Tash Moore

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