Monday, April 20, 2015

Comics Rant: Thor #7

Thor #7
Written By Jason Aaron
Art By Russell Dauterman
Colors By Matthew Wilson

Tash Moore and I’m back. And by Back I mean here with you. Right here I want to be. Telling you that I read the latest issue of Thor by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. While it’s a pretty damn good comic book, it’s so damn late. It’s so damn late even Warren Ellis is like “Shit! You guys are slower than me on Planetary!” Okay maybe that wasn’t said, but I wish it was. Okay, I just did. So there. So yeah, Thor is here, and she’s fighting the Destroyer, that’s been sent by Odin and his jerk ass brother to steal the hammer back. You’d just think that Odin would leave well enough alone. Odin is a real asshole when Jason Aaron writes him. Hmm, I wonder if Aaron has some sort of daddy issues. I’ll have to remind myself to ask this and other important questions at the 2015 New York Comic Con.

But this issue also had a flashback to before the new female Thor hit the scene. Roz Solomon is fighting on a Roxxon oil station. Because you know, she’s all about saving the planet or something.But she’s supposed to be on vacation. Agent Coulson learns of this and then makes her take an extra three weeks off with pay. Shit, my job would not pull that. It’s more like the complete opposite where I work for three weeks with NO pay. It’s happened. More than once. Okay, I don’t really work there, I just walked in and they chained me to the wall and forced me to work. It’s where I am now. Come visit me. (And bring a saw!).

Roz is being stubborn, but decides that maybe Coulson is right. She’ll take the time off, finally. Coulson spills the beans about Thor loosing him magic hammer and Roz runs off to find him. For a date, but she could have been bringing him something to eat. I mean, when I lose something I tend to drown my sorrows in food. And really isn’t Thor just like me? I mean other than being a God (of sorts) and living forever. Not much. But Roz goes to the Blue Area of the Moon. And what does she find? Why, it’s Thor’s  Hammer, of course. We then move back to Thor (Ther?) battling the Destroyer and she drops the hammer (Gasp.)

The Destroyer is able to lift the hammer because he’s not worthy but he’s made of magic…so yeah. Talk about a retcon. I smell bullshit here on the writer and editor. I mean, if only the worthy can lift the hammer and Destroyer is not, magic just wipes that spell away. Did Vince McMahon write this? Need’s more steroids. Clearly. Meh, I’ll admit that I have a soft spot for Jason Aaron, so I can let this slide. This once. So just when it looks bleak for Ther, cause Destroyer is going to talk the hammer back to Odin so he can…do something with it, The Odinson along with Frigga and other females from the Marvel U show up to lend a hand. Equal rights for Female gods!! It’s about time we had this discussion in comics. Good story here, and yes, I did like how all the females from the Marvel U wasn’t going to stand by and let Odin be a total jerkass and steal the Hammer. I really liked the art by Dauterman and Wilson. Great creative team but they need to sustain a monthly schedule to keep steam in the sail. But still fun to read from start to finish.

-Tash Moore

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