Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Comics Rant: Wolverine #2

Wolverine #2
Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Frank Miller
Inks By Josef Rubenstein
Colors By Glynis Wein

Tash Moore here and I’m pulling myself away from the fact that I am sick (Along with the first season of “House of Cards”) to bring you my rant for Wolverine #2. I don’t really want to get up but, as they say on Broadway, “Screw it!”. Wait, it could that the show goes on. But hey, it’s my rant and my website so I’ll stick with the former.

Where we last left you, Wolverine was shot full of drugs meant to kill him. But since he’s a mutant freak and has his fancy ass healing factor, dying is a no go for our boy. Wolverine was loaded with this killer drug because he dare tell his Japanese Girlfriend, Mariko that he loves her. Her old man, Shingen ain’t going for it. Hey, the man does have debts, so he sells her off to a business partner. Cold.  Wolverine awakes in the apartment of a woman named Yukio. The Hand attack her and Wolverine and it’s on.
Wolverine doesn’t hold back and he and Yukio take apart the group of Hand soldiers.

Wolverine and Yukio return to his hotel room in downtown Tokyo. Yukio tells her story of how she too is a warrior and needs help from Wolverine to stop a Clan Lord from collecting on a bounty on her head. Wolverine has pretty much been a sucker for the ladies. Just see Jean Grey. So yeah, where our hero see’s a pretty face he can’t but do the total opposite of the right thing. Hell, it only takes a few seconds for Wolverine to agree that he’ll help Yukio kill this Clan Lord that she fears so much. But she needs to left him rest so his healing factor can kick in.

Plot swerve! Yukio is really working for Shingen. Nice way to keep the story moving along. Today’s comic book creators should really take a lesson from Claremont and Miller. The guys today try to stun the readers AND the character by keeping the secrets in the dark and shock us all. Let the reader know what’s going down and wait for the reaction to the hero when the big secret is reveled! You never, know, it could work! But I don’t see that happening.

So Shingen sends his son in law and daughter to see the clan lord Katsuyori (What a name!)   and that just happens to be the guy Yukio needs Wolverine to put down like a bad dog who pissed on the rug. Bad dog. Wolverine and Yukio burst in and starts kicking ass and taking name. Katsuyori and his wife makes a break for it and leaves his special security force to deal with Wolverine. Wolvie goes all super berserk and kills everyone that he’s fighting. Mariko is also there and see’s this and runs away with tears in her eyes. Because you know, she loves him and NOT crazy Wolverine. This was said to have made hairy Canadian dudes sad. Go figure. So yeah, Markio cries, Wolverine is sad and Yukio is just turned on. Uhm, yeah. Strange way to send the readers on the way, but the art was great and Wolverine looked menacing the way through. Frank Miller always did draw is super sweet Wolverine and Josef Rubinstein always seemed to get the most out of his pencilers. Kudos to the whole team.

-Tash Moore


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