Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Comics Rant: Wolverine #4

Wolverine #4
Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Frank Miller
Inks By Josef Rubenstein
Colors By Lynn Varley

This is it! And by it, I mean the final issue of the very first mini series staring Wolverine. The mini series that pretty much told Marvel that Wolverine alone could be used to print money. Then they went to the well too many damn times and re launched his fucking comic book, like, a million times. Stan Lee was said to spend all the money on new Shades so he could block out haters. Those haters are in turn people Marvel “Forgot” to pay or send original art back to. Go figure.

So Wolverine isn’t going
to let Shingen get away with his plan to rule the Japanese underground. Wolvie gets ready because he knows he’ll have a real fight on his hands (claws?). Shingen maybe old as dirt, but he’s also tough as nails. You know, like the rusty ones that can kill. Yeah, Shingen’s just like that. Only with 5% less rust. Or so I’m told. Back at Shingen’s bad guy fort, Mariko is also there. Shingen is pretty pissed that she didn’t kill Wolverine when she had the chance. So Shingen starts to beat on her. Hmm, sounds like this guy doesn’t like to be disappointed. Who knew?

Wolverine breaks into the Fort by kicking all types of ninja ass. Not, just any ninja’s but Hand ninjas. Does Daredevil know about this? I’m sure he woudn’t be happy with Wolverine stealing his primary punching bags. But whatever. Wolverine comes face to face with Shingen. Shingens tells Wolverine that the first time the went at each other, Shingen only used wooden swords, telling Wolverine that he was unworthy. This time Shingen isn’t playing to embarrass Wolverine, but to kill him.

Shingen breaks out a real blade and cuts Wolvie up something bad. But since Wolverine has those damn unbreakable bones, the cuts are tear flesh, which clearly have to hurt. It’s tons of slashes by Shingen to our boy. But the final swing comes from Shingen to Wolverine’s head, the blow was meant to take off his head , but silly Shingen, Wolverine’s head can’t come off. Moron. Wolverine absorbs the blow then raises his fist to Shingen’s head to use his claws to Shingen and shoving his claws right into Shingen’s face. Ouch!

After all the blood and carnage has ended Yuriko, Shingen’s daughter, comes into the room. Turns out she will leave her original husband, (He was a bad man.) and marry Wolverine. It’s some oddball way to bring honor to her family’s clan (not that type of clan.) and make our hero get a win. After getting slashed the hell up and put through a meat grinder, I know the woman I love better marry me. I mean, it’s really the least she can do. Amirite? Good issue and great pacing. I really liked the inking here. It showed Wolverine getting slashed but thanks to the inks it was never too violent. So they kept it 1980’s PG here. Jim Shooter would have been proud. Speaking of Jim Shooter, he probably made the call to add the ending here, where Wolverine sends an invite to his upcoming wedding to the X-Men back in the States. Got to keep those X-Men sales strong! All around fun mini series. I miss stories like this. It had a beginning, middle and end. My thumbs are up.

-Tash Moore

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