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Reboots and Relaunches: April 2015

Well here we are again. I’m Tash Moore and so I kind of stay true to my word, I’m bringing you Reboots and Relaunches! Bringing you new (not really) and notes from around the comic book industry. Okay, it’s really just me trying to be witty and failing but hey, can you really blame me for trying? Wait, you can? Oh hell, you suck then. Wait, no, come back! We can hate on Bendis together. But still buy his stuff and hating on him from afar. Don’t act like we don’t all do it.

“Bendis is the worst thing to happen to comics. I bet it takes him sixty minutes to speak a sentence.”

Comic fan looks over to retailer in shop.

“Save me a copy of All New X-Men will ya?!”


So while I was mostly like you, I was waiting for Netflix to start streaming Daredevil. I was a little reserved but I knew I’d end up watching it. I mean as a lifelong comic book fan, this is pretty damn much the golden age of comic film properties. Hey, there was a time when the best thing we had was fucking David Hasseloff as Dr. Strange, so yeah, it’s pretty good. Netflix has had a pretty good track record with it’s original content. I mean I really love House of Cards and Orange is the New Black has pulled me in so I guessed (correctly) that Daredevil would be good. And yes! I went on Twitter and people where staying home to watch this show. Hell, I even had a co worker who came in a said that he only planned to watch one episode but then it turned into six. That shows quality in this digital age. Holy shit was Netflix Daredevil was good. It was Batman by Nolan done right. It had 13 hours to get it’s story across and it did that and more. Marvel nailed it with the casting to whoever did the fight scenes. It felt organic and real. I mean, grim and gritty. I know that term upsets some of us who grew up in the 1990’s, but trust me when I tell you, I totally mean that in a good way. It’s “Daredevil Begins”! This show effectively wipes away all the bullshit that was Ben Affleck running around and faking to be the Dark Knight. Good shit here, I also like how it was also TV MA. Unlike Gotham on FOX which has to worry about sponsors and making sure it appeals to a broad range to keep those sponsors happy, Daredevil just said screw it and put out a mature tale of a man without fear and by not trying to appeal to everyone, it does just that. Hell, I’m even watching it again at this time. As of this writing I mean. So yeah, it’s good. Well, with really one gripe. The outfit. I didn’t dig it. I mean, the black outfit with the scarf covering his face was way cooler, plus if you really did jump around and kick ninja ass you’d try to blend in with the shadows as much as you could. But since the show has already and quickly I might add, picked up for a second season, they can change the outfit. Meh, it shows too much of Charlie Cox’s face. Logic flew out the window. But when you are blinded and can fight crime, I guess that keeps logic at bay. But hey, what comic is? No problem’s with this show like I said. I’m ready for Iron Fist to make it to Netflix and the second season of this show. I don’t know how long I can wait for Daredevil Season Two. Damn, it’s the only problem of binge watching.

Superman V Batman V Me Caring

Oh shit! So Warner Bros. released a teaser trailer for Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice hit the web. Uhm, what the hell was that? If you haven’t seen it, I’m going to let you swing by Youtube and give it a look see. It’s cool, I’ll wait….I’ll just grab a cup of coffee while you do. Okay, you back? Good. Oaky…holy drizzling shits that was awful. I know the thing with these teasers is to get you excited to see the film but this…this made me want to run and hide. I knew it, I tried to lie to myself and say that Zack Snyder would be able to pull this together but ugh. Ben Affleck sounds like shit. It’s like they gave the Christan Bale Batman voice on crack and then pushed him out on Braodway to sing “ Tear Me Down” (Look it up you bum.)   Affleck looks cool. I mean it’s a stolen panel right from “The Dark Knight Returns” so how could it not look cool. But man, that voice. The CGI looks really bad here. I guess the folks over at the WB are running low on funds cuz the part where someone sprays ‘False God” on a Superman statue looks like something off of Newgrounds circa 2000. They may have to pull a Fantastic Four and run back and re-shoot somethings. I know it’s just a teaser but Snyder never gave me much hope as a director and I know this film is going to make money clearly but if it had Nolan on at the helm it would cross the billion dollar mark. Sigh. There’s still time to turn this around but I really get the pit in my stomach this this will get screwed up. There’s hope.

Joking Around?

My last thought is that you all know that photos of Jared Leto as the Joker from the Suicide Squad has hit the net. Mostly the reaction was negative. I was indifferent. Sure, he did look a bit like a mall punk from the early 2000’s but hey, people on the net did shit on Heath Ledger back when the first photos from The Dark Knight hit the web so I can wait until the film comes out to form an opinion. But wait, there’s more. I guess whoever the producer was so the shitstorm that was all over the Internet, said “Wait, that’s not what Jared will really look like? It was a joke! Didn’t you know that? Heh, heh,heh.” Which is Hollywood talk for ‘We fucked up and now we need to make changes to make the nerds happy.” Clearly. Unlike the bad film I predict Superman V Batman will be I think Leto can pull it together to bring us a great performance. Will Smith as Deadshot..not so much. Fuck, he and his wife ruin everything. The people running WB must have some damn blinders on to how shitty they both are. That, or they have photos of someone doing something, somewhere. That has to be it. Okay I’m done making fun of things and will roll back into my bed to emerge every once in a while to talks comics and or movies or how great The Flash is. (Tuesdays on the CW! FTW!) Be easy gang, see you here in two months.

-Tash Moore

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