Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Hulk #15

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Hulk #15
Written By Gerry Duggan
Pencils By Mark Bagley
Inks By Drew Hennessy
Colors By Jason Keith

Hulk Smash! Well unless you mean a pair of pants! The reason you can guess why I went with Hulk #15 as my pick of the week is simply really. I like comics. I like them even more where they are balls to the wall fun. See, like I said, simple. Bruce Banner is falling to his doom (Not Dr.) since he turned from being Doc Green (Another version of the Hulk, but this one is super smart.) but just in the nick of time is able to transform before hitting the ground and you know, dying. Oh, that Banner, always finding a way to save himself just in the right moment. Guys lucky, if you ask me. And you did, because you’re reading this rant, so there! But it’s not over because, Hulk is still batting General Ross in his Red Hulk form (Rulk?).

The best part of this issue is that Doc Green is using the kung fu
that he learned from Iron Fist a few issuse’s back. It’s a sight to be seen seeing Doc Green threw a bunch of punches and kicks saying “Hee-Yahhhh!.” Good shit. Rulk and Doc Green fight so long and hard that the ground starts to break apart. Naturally. Those guys are uber strong. I mean, falling out of a plane to the straight up ground doesn’t even faze this guys, so yeah they can make the planet move. Hell, they punch so hard that they force lava to come out of the earth. For Doc Green and Rulk it’s pretty much “Punch and Grope!” It’s all they know.

All kidding aside, (To the left?) after a few pages of trading blows (and cookie recipes off panel) Doc Green says some very nasty things about Red Hulk. He tells Red Hulk how he never really cared for Betty or how he let his country down by leaving the military. It really does look like Red Hulk is going rally back but then Doc Green says “Fuck it” and beats Red Hulk and even going as far as to break his damn arm. That’s some legit strength there, folks. Doc Green lefts Red Hulk high into the air while yelling he’s the strongest there is! Shit, after a feat like that, no one would really challenge that claim. I know I wouldn’t . If you did you’d end up like Red Hulk.

Doc Green give General Ross the Gamma cure, Ross is taken away by Uncle Sam aka the U.S. Military. Which is ironic sense Ross himself spent the first ten years of the Hulk series trying to use the Military to bring Bruce Banner in. Also,  where the hell does General Ross’s mustache go when he turns into Red Hulk. I mean, clearly, you can explain why a guys pants off stay on, but shit, how do you explain that? Questions that only Mark Waid can truly answer.

The issue ends on a strange note where Doc Green is chilling in Brooklyn and then The Avengers and Fantastic Four show up and just stand around. (No really.) The Doc Green is all like “Dude, I’m dying.” Say what the hell now? That came out of left field. I must say it was a quick and dirty, fun comic to read and Duggan does bring something new to Hulk that hasn’t been there before as I can tell. Bagley is pretty much on point and I can’t stress enough how good Drew Hennesy’s Inks are. I mean, it’s hard to screw up Bagley pencils, but sometimes man, I think they do it intentionally. Only gripe is the last page where it looks like the Avenger’s and FF page is super rushed that it looks a bit choppy, but all in all, good shit.

-Tash Moore

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