Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #139

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    When we last left this book, Carl had left the Hilltop and followed the Whisperers in order to make sure that his new hot flame Lydia is safe. This one opens up with a familiar face...and a familiar weapon. A katana slices across some walkers to reveal Ezekiel and his men on a clean up run, and they're met up with Rick and his men. They exchange words and greetings and head off to a nearby port. They're waiting for a boat (Thanks Captain Obvious) and the passengers are a little bit unexpected. Meanwhile back at The Hilltop, Maggie is stressing over where the unholy hell Carl could be. Some think he's just hiding to prove a point, but I think Maggie knows Carl a little too well to not know exactly what he's doing. Speaking of Carl, we catch up with his taking a snooze on a tree when he wakes up to find the Whisperers right in front of him. Carl assures their leader he came on his own will. They have a weird conversation where she almost lets Carl know he's not in danger, and they walk off, asking Carl if he's coming with them? Its like this lady expects Carl to continue following them, its like she has a whole different plan for him that she'll put into action right when he's far away enough from home where its too late to do anything about it.

Back at the port, the ship finally arrives and Ezekiel begins to sweat. He's making it reeeeaaaalllllll obvious who's on that boat. And if you thought it was Bob're actually right! If Bob got a sex change and got his entire body darkened. MIchonne comes off the ship and completely ignores Ezekiel. Rick catches up with the crew and then goes to talk to Michonne for a bit. When she left on that ship, she just up and left. She left behind everything she knew, no explanations no nothing. She felt like she didn't deserve happiness, and neither does Rick. After everything they've been through, after everything they've done, the wrongs they've committed, they don't deserve to restart and be happy. Rick sees it as the opposite. He feels like they've earned it by being able to survive, and he kind of gives her the strong worded business when he tells her to just shut the hell up and be happy with what she's got. And he's not wrong.

    This issue wasn't bad. It was filler, for sure, but filler that answered a couple questions. After All Out War, time jumped forward. We weren't sure what happened to some characters like Ezekiel and Michonne and it was great to finally get those answers. The way Carl's story is panning out is great too. I really want to see just how sick these Whisperer people can get when they feel the time is right. Only one way to find that out and that's to stick nice and close to to stay up to date with everything Walking Dead. Until next time!!!

-Matt Milanes

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