Friday, May 15, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #140

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    This is a big one guys, a lot is going down. Maggie has to deal with Gregory and the attempt on her life, Carl is gone, Michonne is back, and another surprise. A lot is happening all at once and I don't think anyone in the book is ready to handle it as it comes. We open up with Michonne and Rick talking more about why she doesn't think she deserves to live a happy life and its just not registering with Rick. He kind of gives her the same tough love and tells her to count her blessings and keep it moving. After all, she needs to be in good spirits if she's to see Carl again, who's been waiting for her return. But little do either of these people know he's gone off on his own mission. Back at The Hilltop, Gregory is pleading his case against his arrest. He says everything was planted by Maggie and she poisoned herself to frame him. No one believes it, and his story is even starting to change. Now Maggie and Jesus have a hard decision to make, do they let Gregory live or do they have to kill him. Making matters worse, the search party for Carl returns without him. Maggie has bigger things to worry about, she knows Carl is a big boy, and he's on his own now. Speaking of Carl, we find him walking with the Whisperers in a field and they arrive to their camp. This place is huge. Massive. Gargantuan. And all outdoors. They have no walls, just some minor fences. But their numbers are huge and they even have cattle! Things may not be that bad for these people if they can survive out in the open like that.
    Over at The Hilltop again, Maggie is questioning the people that were close with Gregory, meaning the parents of the boys who Carl almost killed. They have a reason to be against Maggie because of the way she handled the situation with Carl and the two boys. Shes slowly learning that Gregory is very persuasive and his ideas can turn anyone against Maggie, unless he's made an example out of. She decides that Gregory's punishment must be death. Meanwhile, at Alexandria, We see the basement that is the current holding cell for our previous villain Negan. He seems to be getting groomed and is on watch by two men with guns pointed at him. They're taking no chances when it comes to Negan, he can snap at any moment and would need to be taken care of just in case. He got rid of the hair and the beard and looks exactly like he once did way back when he was the main villain. He gets put back in his cell and locked up. Andrea, the guards, and the groomer all leave upstairs leaving him to rot alone. Its soon after that his cell door clicks and opens on its own. It was never locked. Negan is free.
    Whoa, what a way to end an issue man. This is big. What will Negan do now? Will he escape and come after those who imprisoned him in a violent manner, or will he just cut his loses, comply and stay inside. Heh, yeah, alright. We all know how this is gonna go. So be back in a few for the continuation of this epic ongoing zombie drama! Until next time!!!

-Matt Milanes

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