Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #11

Silver Surfer #11
written by Dan Slott
art by Michael Allred

It’s my turn for Pick of the Week and I’ve chosen Silver Surfer #11. I enjoy the way the cover subtly hints at the plot for this issue. Silver Surfer becomes stuck in this never-ending loop of actions in the search to move forward. The panel layout for the entire issue is unique and also shows the same never-ending loop. It reminds me of a board game. It can seem confusing to read but I found reading the panels presented right-side up first the easiest, and then turning the book around as I went. But then I also read a bunch of the pages upside-down first and it didn’t really affect the telling of the story.

Dawn Greenwood and Silver Surfer are pretty much avoiding each other in this issue. They have a lot of issues to resolve from Dawn finding out that the Surfer used to be the herald of Galactus. It’s evident by their awkwardness that they do want to resolve their issues but they are hesitant to approach each other. 

I really like how even though the characters are essentially re-living the same events, it’s not that they’re re-living the same exact day. They think they’re moving forward and coming across different planets when it’s just the same planet and same stretch of space. The story is repetitive and yet it’s not. The characters are just stuck until the Surfer and Dawn confront each other. The first thing for the characters to address involves taking responsibility for their actions thus far, which they had already started to do in the last issue, too. Then they try to forgive each other while trying to understand each other’s perspective. Dawn attempts to step forward but it’s the Surfer who makes the biggest leap. In order to start their relationship anew he needs to let go of their past relationship, as represented in the ring he had given her, since they no longer see each other as they had before. They need to take a good look at each other as they are now knowing all that they do about each other and decide if they should start a new relationship. This will lead to whether Dawn will return to Earth or continue to travel and go on adventures with the Surfer. The issue ends with Dawn being the one left to make the next step to see where their relationship goes. One of the biggest points made in this comic was that neither Dawn or the Surfer could move forward with their lives by just going with the flow of how things had been led up. They needed to exert their own free will in deciding where their lives would lead. It’s a positive message. Dawn’s reaction to the Surfer’s past was an ugly turn of events considering how close they had gotten before that point. It’s really nice to see the characters try to understand each other.

Silver Surfer continues to be a fun book to read with gorgeous art. The panels with the Surfer bending the fabric of space were the coolest.

-O. Pelaez

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