Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Hulk #16

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Hulk #16
Written By Gerry Duggan
Penciled By Mark Bagley
Inked By Drew Hennessy
Colored By Jason Keith

Yet again, Hulk found itself my pick of the week and with good cause, too. Because it’s that damn good, you see. Duggan has proven himself a very legit writer and he had some pretty big shoes to fill, that of Mr. Mark Waid. Or should that be giant purple pants that always seem to find a way to stay on. Never mind, this just got confusing and strange all at once. Which I guess it what sums up the Hulk for like, the last fifty years. But hey, whatever.

So as well last left you in the pages of the Hulk, The Avengers show up with She Hulk. She Hulk sends the Avengers away. I know if I wanted to have a heartfelt one on one with my cousin. I’d send all the people all up my business away for a bit. It just makes sense. But then again it’s the tale of a dude who turn green when he gets angry instead of just turning red,then crying. So yeah.

Hulks or Doc Green
as he wants to be called until Secret Wars reboots this shit all over again, tells She Hulk how he took Extremis and how it’s given him the intellect of Bruce Banner and the brute strength of the Hulk to make one considerate dude. Good for him. About time he got a handle on that whole “being angry’ thing. So Doc Green gives the Gamma Cure to She Hulk because at some point Doc Green will fade back to being all “Hulk Smash” TM.

Then for some odd ass reason, Betty Ross (No relation to Alex) shows up and asks Doc Green to talk to Bruce Banner, to which the good doctor obliges. Betty and Bruce then kiss, but shit gets really awkward when Betty is all like “Sorry, I had you shot way back when!” I mean she didn’t say all that but she sure should have. That’s pretty much where the main part of the issue ended but wait, there’s more. We had a back up by Aubrey Sitterson and Rhoald Marcellius. The back up tale has Jessup and Daman, who was working for Doc Green decide to help out with the inter dimensional search Lyra, who is the daughter of Hulk and Thundra and was sent away by the A.I. created by Doc Green by accident. I know, who the hell can keep up with all these plots. It’s like an Alan Moore comic, only with less rape.

So Jessup and Daman find Lyra as the ruler of her own world and she’s totally cool with that and has not plans to return to Earth. Seeing as how she’s now the ruler of the new planet that she landed on. Good for her.  But thanks to a mix up with the  teleporting devices used by Jessup and Daman brings them and Lyra back to Earth, and as you can guess Lyra is mad as hell (and she’s not going to take it anymore.) which is kind of understandable because she had a harem going back there. So Jessup and Daman are tasked with finding her old planet. While also doing other deeds as part of her new Harem. The back up was funny so I really had no problem with it. The main story was a little light this month but hey, it got it’s point across but after all these years I’m still a huge fan of Mark Bagley’s artwork. No matter who’s the inker I think he’s a damn good penciller and he can have my  money anytime. Good stuff.

-Tash Moore


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