Thursday, June 4, 2015

Comics Rant: New X-Men #116

New X-Men #116
Written By Grant Morrison
Pencils By  Frank Quitely
Inks By Mark Morales & Dan Green
Colors By Hi Fi Designs

Tash Moore and I’ll admit I’m back to the Morrison/Quitely New X-Men and damn does it get good. So we come back from the last issue (which if you didn’t read my last rant, which means there’s something wrong with you. So go back and read it.) with the Mutant nation of Genosha being blown up by the Sentinels and Cassandra Nova. Bummer. Sixteen millions Mutants gone. Kind of wonder just where the hell the Avengers were in all this? Probably in Space or something fighting Kang! So Jean And Beast head over to Genosha to lend a hand with the clean up and come across Emma Frost. Who only survived being blown up by a second mutation that causes Emma’s skin to turn into stone cold diamonds. Good for her.

Back in New York, Cyclops and Wolverine brings Cassandra Nova back to the X-Mansion for a chat with Prof. X. She’ll be clearly staying after class. By the way. Does Prof. X hold a Ph.D in anything in the regular Marvel U? I’ll have to dig into that because I know he taught a class at one point. Chris Claremont, FTW!  So Nova is being held in a cell with her vocal chords cut thanks to Wolverine. Prof. X didn’t think it was a good idea but Wolverine makes a good point that she was controlling the Sentinels like, show it makes sense to him. That’s some good thinking there, Logan.

Emma Frost is being checked out by Beast. But she aint’ staying long. She all about killing Cassandra Nova but Prof. X is on his sissy boy mode and wants to hug it out. Sixteen million mutants are dead and that’s what you want to do, Chuck? No wonder Magneto hated your bald ass. Wimp. So Emma Frost can’t kill Cassandra Nova so she just gets up and leave but not before arguing with Jean about who was right, Prof. X or Magneto. Jean does get a good zinger by saying Magneto is dead and so is his way of Human/ Mutant relations. Zing. So Emma is off to get herself appraised in NYC.

Back in X-Jail, which is a pretty crazy name for the X-Men’s holding cell, Cassandra Nova’s blood is being examined by Beast and the rest of the X-Men. So in Nova’s blood is the E gene that shows that the Human Race will be gone in four or five generations. Huh. Nobody let me in on that little diddy. Fucking, Morrison. I’m telling you, dude my be an alien trying to understand the human race. And get paid. Knowumsayin. Or not.

The end is pretty fast paced and well drawn by ol’ Quitley. The colors are a bit off but it doesn’t distract too much to be honest. Cassandra Nova breaks free from his cell and tries to get to Cerebra to wipe out the last of the mutants. Wolverine attacks and she uses her mutant/ non mutant power to burn his arm off right own to the shiny adimantium bones! It’s cool and creepy all at the same time. Before Cassandra can get behind the Cerebra wheel, Emma Frost pulls a 180 and comes back to snap her neck and then Prof. X puts six bullets in her!!!!!! Wolverine puts it best, “That was Hardcore, Chuck!”  I agree, dude.

The ending has Cyclops and Jean talking about how their marriage is kind of cold. But before they can talk any further Prof. X jumps on the nightly news and and rants about the sixteen million mutants who are dead and gone then just blurts out about his brave new world  then drops the bombshell that he, too is a mutant!!!! I suggest you guys check this out cuz this was one fast paced, action pack comic. Great stuff from a super creative time from the house of ideas.

-Tash Moore


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