Thursday, June 11, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #141

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Last issue we learned that Negan's cell door was open and he was free to walk out and do whatever he wanted all while Rick was making his way back from The Hilltop. Speaking of which, as Rick pulls in, Dwight chooses an interesting way to make a meeting with Rick, an arrow into a tree as they walk by. Dwight basically tells Rick that he no longer wants to be the leader of The Saviors and wants out. Unfortunately there's nothing Rick can do, the people chose Dwight, the people have to vote him out. There needs to be an election.

After catching up with Andrea, Rick
decides to go check up on Negan down in the basement prison. He comes down to find the cell open and Negan still inside. The two have a small dick measuring contest ending with Negan dropping the bomb on Rick, that he didn't step outside his cell at all. He wants to build a trust with Rick, because he knows Rick needs it more than anyone. Rick needs to keep Negan alive to prove a point that Rick is still a good person, and as long as Rick needs that image, he won't touch Negan. So who really wins in the end?

The rest of the day is pretty shitty for Rick. At the town luncheon, Rosita announces her and "Eugene" are having a baby, and after that Rick completely chews out Olivia, the woman who left Negan's cell door open. From there, later that night, Rick and Andrea have an interesting conversation about Negan. She feels he should be killed, Rick thinks otherwise. He feels they need to present the right image for the new world. Meanwhile, at The Hilltop, Gregory has just been hanged and killed at the order of Maggie for plotting to kill her. We're starting to see a lot of different faces appear in this new world and it's going to get very interesting to see how they handle each other when they all finally clash. Be back soon for the next issue of the walking dead!!!

Matt Milanes

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