Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Special Edition New York 2015 Day 2

My day today started at 5 am. There wasn't any way I was going to miss out on the NYCC tickets. I arrive at Pier 94 at 7am and the 3 hour wait begins. The stars must have aligned and I met some really cool people that made the wait seem much shorter. The NYCC are finally mine at about 10:30 and while in line Bendis walks up to me after making eye contact and catching a thumbs up, and actually shakes my hand. So far, the morning is great.

After the NYCC tickets, it was time to head over to Scott Snyder's table. He was an hour and a half late, and showed up with a beer, but I gotta be real, Snyder is a dude ass dude. He filmed a shoutout video for my friend who couldn't be there and he totally had no probably doing and that was really cool.

Right after that it was time for another Bendis panel. It was an all access Q&A where spoke about everything from his new Powers television show exclusively on the PlayStation Network to gorillas fornicating in one of his books. It was a great panel and we got a lot of insight on a lot of weird things going on in his brain. Right after that was the Bendis signing and that was an experience that I'll never forget. I was one of the last in line so it was real cool getting to talk to Bendis alone for a couple minutes. A real humble guy, who truly loves all his fans.

And that closed out day 2. A day of many lines and even more memories. As I said before this was great if you're just getting into cons and learning about the wonderful world of comics. It was great not seeing all the flare from NYCC there, no tv show panels, no movies, it was just 100% comics! The medium we all started with and now know and love. I'll be itching for next year!!!

-Matt Milanes

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