Monday, July 6, 2015

Comics Rant: Superman #2

Superman #2
Written & Penciled By John Byrne
Inked By Terry Austin
Colored By Tom Ziuko

Secret! Superman has a secret and Lex Luthor and his bald head wants to know what that  is.  The story starts off with Lex and his huge eye brows wants to know what the link is between Superman and Clark Kent. John Byrne does a great job making Lex an insufferable bully and Clark (aka Superman) is well written as the never say die baby face. Lex is at Lexcorp and he is revealed to be the one who stopped Metallo from killing Superman back in issue #1. Lex wants that job for himself. A job that no doubt will earn him a 401(k) to invest with. Cause he’s rich, see!

Lex is with a an employee named Amanda. She shows her a photo of Lana Lang and says that she has a connection with Big Blue and he first appearance, so Lex wants to find her and ASAP. As a gift for her doing a good job, Lex invites Amanda to dinner at his place. Amanda’s all like “ I have other plans.”  Lex don’t care for being rebuffed, so he damn near breaks poor Amanda’s hand and tells her she ain’t got no choice! Oh, that Lex, ever the ladies man. And by that I mean complete and total opposite.

So Lex also pulls the Kryptonite heart out of Metallo and kills him. Man, that Lex is cold hearted…..and rich. Man, John Bynne really beat the hell out of the dead horse to get across that fact that Lex is super rich. Hell, he should do a whole bit where Lex personally finances President Reagan’s re election campaign. Just for shits and giggles. Ahem. So Lex orders that Ma and Pa Kent’s home should be ransacked. The whole no stone left unturned and all that. But the two goobers who work for Lex see Lana Lang and does the stereotypical duffus bad guy bit and takes Lana with them instead of you know, just up and killing her.

Back at Lexcorp, Lex learns of Lana and is pleased to find her. So Lex does what he does best. (Not bribe.) He tortures her but thankfully she doesn’t give up the goods on the Man of Steel. She shows up beaten pretty badly at Clark’s Apartment. Hiding in the closet, no less. She’s in a bad way, but she tells Clark that she would never dime him out. If only Lana worked in the Nixon White House. Then he’d have gotten to finish out that second term. Respect!

Clark throws on his Superman duds and with Lana giving him info, Superman tracks Luthor’s goons to an abandoned building. Lex is so cold hearted that he blows up the building with his own men it in. That’s what I call cleaning up loose ends. Plus I’m sure they he kept the money he was going to pay them for that week. The cheap fuck.

So Supes know that this has Lex’s hand behind it. So he flies on over to Lexcorp and confronts Lex. Superman starts to feel  weak as Lex shows off his new Kryptonite ring, taken from Metallo!!!! Lex picks up Superman and kicks his ass out of his office! Talk about showing who’s the boss. Superman vowed to get the bottom of this and bring Luthor to justice, Lex then eats a steak. Cause’s he’s so awesome.

The ending comes with Lex feeding his super computer all his info on Superman and Clark Kent and gasp! It’s says that Supes and Clark are one I the same. Lex ain’t buying that because if one man hand the power of Big Blue, he would never pretend to be a mortal man. Lex pouts and then deletes the information from his computer. No doubt, it was on a PC that would have crashed anyway cuz he didn’t have McAfee. Wait, what?  Good solid issue and man Lex a legit monster and put him on the same level as Superman. Thumbs up.

-Tash Moore


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