Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #142

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

This issue starts out with the bringing down of Gregory from the tree. Last issue he was hanged for the crime of attempting to murder Maggie. What makes it a little uncomfortable is Maggie then follows up with a speech about not becoming the kind of people who kill to punish. So you totally get this vibe like "its wrong...unless it happens to me." which makes me like Maggie just a bit less and I think everyone in the town got that same vibe seeing from the look on their faces. Back at Alexandria, the town is getting the last touches done on the first town fair. The booths are being built, the food is being put out. There's about to be a big ol party there at Alexandria! Meanwhile, Carl is still hanging with the
Whisperers and they're trying to include him into things. One guy rips up a walker and offers it to Carl as a joke, but he would've definitely let him wear it if Carl had agreed. As if things weren't uncomfortable enough, their leader, Lydia's mother, pulls Carl off to the side for a small chat about how him and his father survived. Naturally, Carl wants to play big boy and is a dick about it, mocking the Whisperers way of life saying they survived by dealing with people and not Halloween masks. Tensions rise and Alpha walks away from Carl saying she must learn about his people.

The Hilltop and Alexandria have merged for a while to celebrate with the festival. Maggie and Jesus have made I back to Alexandria and they're finally breaking the news to Rick that Carl's been gone for a couple days. As expected, Rick doesn't take this well at all. He's understandably upset that the search for Carl only went on two days before they gave up. So Rick takes it upon himself to go find his son. He takes a horse and some partners, Andrea, Dante and Michonne and they ride off to find Carl. This issue ends with the blacksmith that Carl WAS working with selling a knife to a new member of the community. A very bald, new member of the community. That's right folks, Alpha has snuck into Alexandria and hid herself amongst the good towns folks. How she was able to shower and get the walker stink off her? The world may never know. Or maybe we'll find out in the next issue, who knows. Only Kirkman! Until next time readers!!!

-Matt Milanes 

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