Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #143

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

We ended the last issue with Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers at the actual fair that's being thrown by Rick's town. All while Rick, Andrea, Michonne and Dante are out looking for that exact group and Carl. What could she be doing there, infiltrating? Scoping out the town to attack later? Whatever her reason, it can't be good. She walks off and continues to shop around the fair. Just then, Ezekiel comes to that very blacksmith's stand and chats it up with a member of the boat crew that Michonne showed up with. After some BS small talk, the man, Pete just ends up telling Ezekiel that Michonne is still in love with him and he needs to get his shit together and go get her, so he runs off to prepare some Barry White albums for when Michonne comes back with Rick. Meanwhile, out in the real world, Rick and his troop are confronted by a Whisperer. After some tough talk, the messenger tells Rick that he will take him and only him to their camp to see Carl, the rest have to stay put where they are under the watch of some other Whisperers.

Back at the Whisperer cam Carl isn't too happy that Alpha is nowhere to be found. He believes she's gone out to find and hurt members of Carl's town. And in the spirit of good comic book timing, Rick appears. It now cuts back to the fair, with Eugene and Rosita. She's been emotional for a couple issues now, feeling guilty about the baby she's pregnant with not being Eugene's. And the good guy that Eugene is, or the smart guy knowing it won't get any better than Rosita for him, is still standing by her willing to raise a baby that isn't his. I guess he took a page from the Book of Fathering by Rick Grimes. Over at the Whisperer hideout, Rick and Carl get real personal with the little time they have with each other. Carl doesn't want to leave without Lydia and its because he feels like she's the only person who doesn't judge him based off how he looks. Even Rick and Andrea can't look at him the same anymore. He has to wear sunglasses to hide the massive hole in his face and he doesn't want to be confined to that way of living anymore. He feels like he and Lydia share a real love for each other, and everyone with a brain knows she's going to fuck him over the first chance she gets. This may very well be the end of Carl Grimes as we know it. But at the end of the day Rick understands.

Alpha finally returns to the camp and she requests a one on one meeting with Rick, and Rick alone. After some resistance, and a threat from Alpha towards Carl, Rick agrees. They take a nice long walk to an abandoned building. She takes him to the top of the building and makes him look over into the yard behind it. She tells him when she said she would destroy everything he's built and everyone he loves, it wasn't an empty threat. In yard is the single largest collection of walkers we've ever seen in the entire life of this comic book. She's ready to unleash this massive Horde of Walkers on Alexandria. Looks like Rick has to start playing his tough guy game a little differently. This book just keeps getting better and better after All Out War and I'm in for the longrun as long as Kirkman keeps putting out a product at this level. Now if he can only get his damn show in check. Oh and dump the idea of that entire spinoff show, who the hell thought that would be a good idea? Well, until next time readers!

-Matt Milanes

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