Friday, July 31, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Prez #2

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Prez #2
Written By Mark Russell
Penciles By Ben Caldwell
Inks By Mark Morales & Sean Parsons
Colors By Jeremy Lawson

Tash Moore here and I’m bringing you my pick of the week. Clearly with all that I’ve read this week Prez #2 takes the cake. It’s weird, but this feels very much like the sleeper hit of the summer. Mark Russell and crew have crafted a tale that mixes comics and politics, which if you didn’t know just happen to be two of my favorite things ever. So in the future, Beth Ross is a high schooler who’s dad is dying. (Ouch.) She can’t seem to get any financial help, but on the plus side, she’s just won the electoral votes of Ohio during the Presidential Election. Saywhatthefucknow?

If you’re wondering how that happened, it’s that in the future (in 8 years.) people will be able to vote for President via social media. Shit, I can totally see that. Hell, In Oregon, they don’t even have polling places. You vote vial postal mail. I wonder if Al Gore beat George W. Bush by a slim margin cuz some goober forgot to add a stamp. Heh. Democracy at work, folks. So Beth wins Ohio because a viral video of her at her job at a Corn Dog fast food joint of her getting her hair caught in a fry pit of grease. Classy.

The Democratic and Republican Presidential candidate can’t get to the 270 without Ohio, which as I said before Beth carried. So per law, the election is passed to the US House. The congressman keep changing their votes, because dammit that how politics work. It’s more or less I’ll give you my vote but it’ll cost you. One State switches it’s vote on the second ballot because it want not ONE but TWO Nasa’s. Which sound totally fucking ridiculous but hey, it’s American politics, so it’s really no surprise. And you wonder why America can’t cut the deficit or balance the budget.

So all the trading of votes and favors start moving fast. Which is the only time anything in Congress happens in a quick motion. But Beth thinks her wining Ohio is a lame joke because now her dad that’s she’s just come from seeing in the hospital has passed away. Congress screws around the vote and boom, there you go, Beth Ross is now officially the President Elect of the United States. Once she hears the news, she’s more or less still broken up about having to bury her dad.

Beth gets the news and is pulled into meeting with Preston Rickard, who ran for President some time back and lost. He’s telling Beth that since the big corporations down have her in their back pocket so Rickard tells her they might just want to kill her. But he’s master plan is to make him her Vice President. Hey, if they off her, they damn sure don’t want Rickard in the Oval Office. Sound plan. Great issue, with tons of satire and political intrigue. I really dug the hell out of this comic so far, and really hope DC makes it an ongoing. The art is fantastic, too. It’s cartoony, but with just a hint of realism. Hat’s off to the whole team and hell, even the higher ups at DC for greenlighing this title. Plus how awesome is that cover. It’s enough to get even the most jaded of comic fan (me) to stop and take a look at the issue. Great stuff all around.

-Tash Moore

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