Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Comics Rant: Adventures of Superman #426

Adventures of Superman #426
Plotted By John Byrne & Marv Wolfman
Written By Marv Wolfman
Art By Jerry Ordway
Colors By Tom Ziuko

More Superman/ Darkseid/ DC crossover goodness. And by goodness I mean the complete and total opposite of that. Tash Moore here, and I just started to bring you good folks, and the masses the greatness that is John Byrne’s Superman, but like most roads out there, you get a pothole. A pothole named DC Crossovers. This was basically a crossover to bring Jack Kirby’s New Gods back into the new DCU after Crisis On Infinite Earths. So yeah, Superman gets dragged in this tale.

So Supers was last seen thrown into the fire pits of Apokolips and since he’s the man of steel, he doesn’t die. But he kind of forgets that he’s Superman. Uhmm, I don’t think that’s how amnesia works, there guys, but hey, it’s a comic book. So goober pulls Superman
from the fire pits and everyone starts to call Supes the “Savior”. Not in a religion type deal, but they think he’d at least be able to free them from the rule of Darkseid. It also helps that way of thinking when Superman starts to kick all types of ass on Darkseids flying goons the Para-demons. Good for Superman.

Some large Amazonian chick (Not Wonder Woman.) named Amazing Grace takes a now Amnesic Superman under her wing to take the fight to Darksied and his rule. She also makes Superman her new boy toy. Heck, they even share a bath together, and here I thought this was still a kids comic. Who wrote this thing? Alan Moore. Ahem, Superman gets naughty and then Amazing Grace gives him some new duds that make him look like something out of “Lawrence of Arabia.”

So Arab Superman and Amazing Grace lead the hundreds of denizens of Apokolips against the hordes of Para-Demons. I mean, they really don’t do much….at first, but Supes and crew keep at it. They cut down on some Para-demons and win some key battles but winning a few battles ain’t the same as winning the war. (TM USA.) But just as Superman and Amazing Grace start macking on each other, Superman pulls a massive swerve and brings out who he says is his real master, DARKSEID! Wait, what? Umm, yeah, okay. I guess. I mean I didn’t see that coming. In no shape or form. That’s how the issue ends. Great Superman from Jerry Ordway, who really is an under appreciated talent who I feels doesn’t always get his just do. The story was lacking which seems to be a theme that just won’t quit with this tale. Maybe next issue we’ll get some concrete answers. Or they will just drag this shit out to get more money out of my ass. I’m counting on the latter.

-Tash Moore

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