Sunday, August 9, 2015

Comics Rant: Batman #340

Batman #340
Written By Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas
Penciled By Gene Colan
Inked By Adrian Gonzales
Colored By Adrienne Roy

The MOLE!!! Holy Shit, Gene Colan, and his name is right there on the cover of the freaking comic. You got to remember, this was pretty much the times where the comic book character made the creator and the sales, not the other way around. But having Gene Colan draw your book was a very big deal. DC luring him away from big bad Marvel Comics was a real feather in their cap. I mean, the guy for years, did a fantastic job making Daredevil a top notch book and fans often wondered how his style would fit the Batman and shit, here starting in this issue, we get out wish.

Our story begins with a prominent business man is murdered in a very strange manner. But hey, I mean, it is Gotham. Everyone pretty much does in a interesting fashion. It’s the law.
So sayeth the Mayor. Or something. So the Business man is killed, but no one took his cash. Strange, indeed. Stranger still is there is a mole tunnel next to the body. So Gordon calls Batman and he clearly takes note of this, but since the sun is coming up and Batman don’t work overtime, he heads home. Home being the bat cave that is now located in the heart of Gotham in Wayne Tower. You know, to be closer to the action. Sounds about right to me.

Minor subplot here where Bruce is still pissed at Robin for not going to college. Which is understandable but as Alfred tells Batman, Robin is an adult an his own man. Word, Alfred, Word. A second man is killed, a doctor and that’s when Batman puts two and two together and learns that the one thing the two men had in common (other than being rich.) is that they served on the parole panel to a bank robber named “ The Mole” and they turned his bald ass down flat. The only person left from that panel is a woman named Dr. Shandra Clark. Too bad her last name wasn’t Kingsolving. Would have made Knightfall come a few decades sooner.

So Bruce, gets Dr. Clark to lay low at Wayne Manor to keep her away from the Mole. But then the dumbass puts it in the papers. Smooth, Bruce, Smooth. That’s like inviting a friend out to dinner and offering to pay then asks them why they didn’t bring their wallet. I’ve got friends like that….wait, why am I still friends with these people? Bah.  So the Mole enters underneath Wayne Manor right into the bat cave. But the Mole looks like his namesake. Gross. It’s because, as he tells Dr. Clark, since his parole was denied and thus had to go back to all the man loving in jail, tried to tunnel out ( again,to avoid the man love.) and landed in the radioactive waste and turns into a real life mole. Shit, if Stan Lee wrote this, dude would have gained a six pack and fantastic powers and got a new lease on life. Instead he gets the Alan Moore treatment and turned into a freak. Tough break. Batman turns on a big light and flushes the Mole down some of the large caverns in the bat cave. Sending him to his death or you know, something like that. Batman then hook sup with Dr. Clark. No really. Fun issue, but it gets better when Colan gets joined by Klaus (gimme a check, I know Frank Miller) Janson. Good stuff.

-Tash Moore

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