Thursday, August 27, 2015

Comics Rant: New X-Men #131

New X-Men #131
Written By Grant Morrison
Pencils By John Paul Leon
Inks By Bill Sienkiewicz
Colors By Chris Chuckry

As I sit here getting over a really bad fever, I felt now is a good time as any to pull myself up from hanging in my bedroom to read another issue of New X-Men and rant and rave about it. Cause hey, isn’t that what I do? Of course it is! I mean, it’d be nice if I got paid, but hey, that ain’t even gonna happen, so have at you. So Prof. X is in Paris, mourning the death of Darkstar. You know, a character so important to the X-Men franchise that when Morrison suggested to kill her off, nobody batted an eye. I know I didn’t. Ahem.

With that going on Cyclops and Wolverine are going to meet with the rest of the team in Europe. While flying in the Blackbird, Emma Frost is using her telepathic who haw to try and hook up with Cyclops. He’s still all boo hoo from being controlled by Apocalypse. Something about working for a dude with a big giant “A” on his belt buckle. Now that I think about it, maybe I’d be happy if my boss did the same thing. And was blue. Wait, what was I talking about, again?

Oh, yeah, the sexy X-Men. Emma and Cyclops are still hooking up, but only in their minds. Plus, to make matters even more kinky, Emma is rocking Jean’s Phoenix outfit, to make the mood I guess. I guess, nobody told Emma Frost to NOT hit on the husband of one of the most powerful telepathic on the planet. Emma sure seems like a glutton for punishment. Well, the last time they went toe to toe, Jean left Emma a drooling goober. Psychic powers, FTW!

Morrison even brings over Archangel, blue skin and all from the pages of Uncanny X-Men. Which, if you ask me, was criminally under used in that book. Archangel is teaching some of the students at Xavier’s how to fly. The lesson today is flying to the Shi’ar aircraft to help with the Alien relief plan. Because you know, Prof. X crazy evil twin sister went crazy on them when she had control of the professer’s body and mind powers. The new Angel, who Morrison introduced a few issue’s ago help Beak fly to the Shi’ar ship. Beak want’s to go away with them to help with the effort, but when Angel kisses him, on a dare no less, he fells like he’s in love. So, naturally, he tells Archangel that he’s changed his mind. Sounds about right, to me.

The ending of this issue, has Scott and Emma crawling into bed with each other. But it’s inside their heads. Which means that it doesn’t count. Right? Okay, I’m clearly I’m wrong and Jean would totally agree. So where does this lead us. Well I guess you all know. But you’ll have to tune into the next rant to find out, that or you know, go read the damn issue for yourself. See you soon.

-Tash Moore

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