Saturday, September 26, 2015

Comics Rant: Miracleman #1

Miracleman #1
Written By Neil Gaiman
Drawn By Mark Buckingham
Colors By D’Israeli

Oh crap, a Miracleman title not written by Alan Mo…I mean, “The Original Writer.”  Since he didn’t want his name on the republished comic, I’m sure Marvel did what it always does and sent said royalty check to Stan Lee. Just because. Hey, if it’s good enough for Jack Kirby, it’s good enough for Alan Moore. So Neil Gaiman has taken over this book as per Moore’s recommendation. Moore’s run was surreal and violent. I read this whole run before but this is the first time I’ve owned it legit. It’s good but damn man, did this comic need all that fucking re-coloring. It’s like they fucked this book’s new coloring up just for spite.

So anyway, back to the rant, now Miracleman and his crew of aliens have been revealed to the world at large thanks to the big battle with Kid Miracleman that left thousands dead in the bloody battle of London, so to set the wrong things right (The Crow?) and just take over the world. Making a Utopia. I mean, if you ask Miracleman that is. But we all know what absolute powers does. Yup. It makes you want to dance. Or become the bad guy. One of the two. Miracleman now has totally given up his life as normal human Mike Moran and is a God to the people. He’s even taken up living in a giant tower with over 160 floors called Olympus. An unnamed man goes to Olympus to pray to Miracleman. (I’m pretty sure the big man upstairs ain’t gonna take to kindly to that.) He almost gets turned away but luckily for him, there are three other people there. Miracleman only lets groups of four up to make the climb. For safety reasons. I think. I try not to question this guy. He’s crazy.

So the ragtag prayers make their climb and it takes a long ass time. Two people hook up and the further they move up, one dude who looks Indian just ups and stops. Why? Because he’s gone bat shit crazy. Dude starts to think he’s Miracleman, then jumps to his death. Talk about a Dumb ass. But wait a minute. I paid $4.99 for this comic. SO who’s the dumb ass really? Not Joey Q. who’s laughing all the way to the bank with my money. No doubt to buy back all his Captain N pages and more Disney stock. So the four that’s now three continue their climb.

Once reaching the top, Miracleman shows up and asks what they are there to pray for. One dude pulls a gun and tries to kill MM. Of course, that shit does nothing and the guy totally freaks and then pulls his own gun on himself to commit suicide. Talk about a plan that just backfired. If only his gun did. The young lady who came up asks to be given new hands so she can be an artist. She likes art but lacks you know, talent. Huh. Just like me. Anyway MM is all like “No doubt, honey child, I’ll see what me an my homeboys can do.” Then our guy who we started our tale with asks that his daughter,  Hope, who was severely injured during the battle of London and is going to be taken off life support, can receive help from Miracleman. MM just flies off like a total jerk ass. He’s like my cat. Tandy. Tandy don’t care.

The poor soul is left to wonder where things all went wrong and begins the climb back down the structure to return home. The issue ends with Miracleman sending a weird drone into under space. But to bring back what? I sure as hell hope it’s Miraclecat. Oh, boy, that would be sweet. Fun issue. Really good transition with Miracleman going from regular super hero to God among men and how that power can change anyone, no matter who you are. On the plus side is Mark Buckingham’s art. It’s not polished as it is now, but you can totally see the signs of his signature style in it’s infancy.

I’m Tash.

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