Thursday, September 10, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #145

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard 

The lines have been drawn by The Whisperers. Alpha has taken the lives of 12 people from Ricks camp and killed them. Putting their heads on pikes marking the boundaries between Ricks group and The Whisperers. The last two being personal friends of Ricks: Rosita and Ezekiel. This was especially hard for Michonne, someone who was romantically involved with Ezekiel and took it for granted toward the end. The heads then begin to turn to Walkers. And Michonne must take on the hard task of finishing him off.

Everyone is finishing off the heads when Michonne tackles Lydia, screaming. She's asking if Lydia knew that was how Alpha worked. And calmly, Lydia tells her that her mother had never met a group as large as Ricks. And she also makes it known, calmly as well, that if Michonne doesn't get off, the knife that Lydia is holding will be halfway through Michonne's neck. Things get real intense when Carl even pulls a gun out on Michonne for attacking Lydia. I guess the box holds the power, huh?

The next couple pages are filled with a heated debate between Michonne and Rick. The topic is all about how to handle this and what to do next. Michonne, being heavily emotionally attached, wants to rush in and kill The Whisperers. Rick, knowing what he knows about Alpha's weapon, doesn't think it's a good idea. It's going to be hard to convince everyone to stay put after what happened, and Rick is ready for whatever that may bring. Even if it's his own people turning on him.

Back at Alexandria, Maggie comes to Eugene's home to see if he's safe, since he and Rosita haven't been seen for a couple days. This sparks fear in Eugene as he runs out. And other people are starting to notice the missing people. That's just in time for Rick to get back and address the group as a whole. They should be celebrating the fair, but there's bad news to share.

And another suspenseful issue comes to an end. This one was more filler than the last couple, and as much as I don't like filler, I understand when it's needed. This was a good cool down in anxiety from the last couple issues. I'm honestly not sure where Rick is gonna go with this. We've seen him go all out, we've seen him hold back, we've seen him try to hybrid both. But I'm not sure what he can even do now, because of that horde. We'll just have to wait and see for the next issue. Until next time, readers!

Matt Milanes

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