Saturday, November 28, 2015

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #1

Amazing Spider-Man #1
Written By Dan Slott
Penciled By Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked By Cam Smith
Colored By Marte Gracia

Back I am. Tash Moore here and I am totally finished with my big move so I can get right back on with making rants about comics. Also, completely forgetting to remove/ any and all typos. Yup. Its a back to basics approach. Huh, kind of like what's going on in the pages of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Did somebody say, yet another reboot. I know I sure didn't. But with Dan Slott at the helm I mean, really, how bad could it be. So without delay, here's my rant on yet, once again, an Amazing Spider-Man #1

We start off with Spidey with Mockingbird in China, why you might ask? Because the members of Zodiac have stolen some Parker Industries' tech. It's just the laws of the Marvel U. If yo ass got some tech somebody will at some point try to boost if off you. Well, Zodiac are a group of bad guys, so can they really help themselves. I think not. Kudos, Mr. Slott for breaking out and finding a use of the Spider-Mobile. As out of place that it felt back in the day, it fits here.  Hey, check it out, the Spider-Mobile has built in auto tune. This thing will no doubt have a long shelf life.  I hope.

Naturally, the bad guys lose. And also wind up behind bars. (As they always do, you know, unless your last name happens to be Von Doom.)  Spider-Mans are also all over the place. Slott brings Hobbie Brown aka the former Prowler back into the Spider-Man fold as the second Spidey. Just then all hopes were dashed of a seond Clone saga hitting the book's page. I can dream can't I? I gotta give Slott credit for coming up with a way to get Hobbie back into the mix. I always felt he was a bit underutilized. Dan Slott, much like Mark Waid and Geoff Johns know how to take chicken shit and make chicken salad. Outstanding.

Peter pulls out of the far east to return back stateside to go to Max Modell's wedding. Good for him. But in true to comic book form Zodiac shows up to crash the wedding. They want Parker's thumb drive which he passes up, figuring he'd get it back because it would take Zodiac a few hours to crack his coding of it and get the information off it. Smart. Hobbie Spidey shows up to lend a hand but since it's not close hand to hand combat he struggles and gets his ass handed to him. Peter doesn't  want to tip off to the fact that he's the real web slinger.  So it's a race against time to get the thumb drive back.

I like how at the new Parker Industries, It looks like Doc Ock is back. Well, not 100%. But his mind is now inside the robot form of his servant, Brain. All snark aside, this was a fun issue. When I heard the new direction for the title, I was thinking, the Fuck? What is this, Iron Man? Or worse, a poor man's Iron Man. But this turned the book on it's head and I'm digging it once again, my thumb for the comic book is up. But shame on the powers that be at Marvel for charging $5.99 for this booking trying to sell us on it being an oversized issue, but it just contained the regular paged Spider-Man story and the first few pages from the relaunched Spider-Man line, like Spider-Man 2099 and Silk and Spider-Woman. Not cool, Marvel, not cool. But I'm leaving this rant on a positive note. Be good.

-Tash Moore

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