Saturday, November 14, 2015

Matt at New York Comic-Con 2015: Saturday

This day started much MUCH earlier than the rest. The 6 AM train on a Saturday would not get us there on time for a good spot, so me and a couple friends packed up a car, and crunched the numbers. With tolls and parking, we'd be paying the same exact amount of money as the train would cost, so we might as well get there much earlier than the rest. Up by 4, on the road by 4:30. We arrive at the Javits Center around 5:30, 6, and still had to wait a block and a half away. Not too bad for a Saturday though. Sure, the wait sucks, but we're in good company and the time flies by like nothing. That is, for whatever reason, until we hit the basement. 

Time just dragged on forever once we were put into the basement. 10 AM finally rolls around and they let us in, same thing as yesterday, I have a panel first thing in the morning so I don't need to cramp myself onto one escalator. I make my way to the panel and its called All-New All-Different Marvel and they kick things off with Black Panther. Showing off some concept art and telling us that their intentions were to make Black Panther a little more...blacker. Then they showed off some of the new X-Title, Extraordinary X-Men, the new flagship X-Book. 

Adding it to, they showed the first villain of the series, Mr. Sinister is back! The team is crossing time lines, past, present and future. It includes time displaced Jean, Storm from present day and Old Man Logan from the future. All New Wolverine was shown and its X-23 in the old blue and yellow suit!

They showed a full body shot and it looks incredible! All New X-Men is getting another go and its the same old time displaced team minus Jean Grey, who's on the main X-Men roster now. The big reveal of the panel was Power Man and Iron Fist. 

One of the best tag teams in comics that haven't been seen together in almost 30 years! Times have changed and things are different. Attitudes are different, priorities in life have changed and its all going to affect how Iron Fist and Luke Cage take on crime day to day. Howling Commandoes of Shield is coming in with a bang. 

Featuring people from all over the Marvel Universe like Dum Dum Dugan and many other fan favorites. Things are going to get weird up in space when Venom gets his own series again called Venom Space Knight. Its space! What more do you want?! 

Keeping up with Spider People, Spider Gwen was shown and the band is back together...for the third time! She built a real strong bond with the other women spiders during Spider-Verse and we're going to see more of that in this book. Including timeline jumping, everyone's favorite! 

Speaking of Spider-Woman, she's back, and knocked up! She knows who the baby daddy is, but she's not that willing to just let it out and tell everyone. Its a new world of crime fighting when you have to worry about a baby, and its going to be interesting to see how she handles it. 

Silk is back again and still trying to adjust to the real world after being stuck in that bunker for 10 damn years. And the big announcement was an all female Spider-Crossover! This is going in include Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Spider-Woman. And even more, its all taking place in Gwen's world, Earth 65!!!

That was it for panels for the day, there wasn't much to offer this day. So the rest of the day was hitting the show room floor again for anything I may have missed. I checked out a lot of the smaller booths, some of the figures they had to offer and toys and games. There's always plenty to see on the show floor even if there isn't a big enough budget to buy. The cosplay this year was over the top in a good way. There were big intricate pieces unlike any other. For example, the 9 foot Hulkbuster, and the guy who walked around as an actual T-Rex! The day was much brighter which was a pleasant upgrade from the nasty rain of the night prior. On this day, I stumbled upon an indie booth called 451 and they were handing out free comics in bundles. The writer of three of them was doing signings on the other end of the booth so I got some signed comics for free, can't beat that! And thus came the end to another Saturday at New York Comic Con. We loaded up the car and drove on back home. Luckily the next day there were zero panels so I was able to sleep in and enjoy my rest before the final day at New York Comic Con. Be back for the review of Sunday!

-Matt Milanes

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