Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #2

Amazing Spider-Man #2
Written By Dan Slott
Penciled By Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked By Cam Smith
Colored By Marte Gracia

Again, Dan Slott and the Amazing Spider-Crew crank out another great Spidy web. (Pun intended, by the way.) It's James Bond meets the wall crawler. Except, you know, there's no PG 13 sex. Spidey is family friendly, you know. So we're picking up from last issue, which was yet another freaking #1! Parker Industries has it's webware device stolen by The Zodiac. Thankfully, Peter is smart enough to fuse Doc Ock's nano tech with his own to keep any unwanted  hackers from messing with his tech. Now that I think of it, is there really a WANTED hacker? No? Didn't think so.

In 2015 we are everywhere type set up, Spidey uses a Spider-Tracer on his webware device to track Zodiac to their underwater base. Geez, It seems like whenever someone turns into a bad guy, somewhere in the handbook it reads: Rule 78 Section 9: You MUST have at least ONE underwater hideout. This is non negotiable. (SEE: Planner, Master.)

The Prowler and Spider-Man use his new underwater Spider-Mobile to go deep into the ocean to infiltrate Zodiac. For the record, Prowler is rocking the Prowler duds here, While Peter is playing the role o' Spider-Man tonight. I guess, if you really want to you could call Prowler, Spider-Man's understudy. Makes sense to me. Of course, Spidey and Prowler take down the lone two guards at the entrance. Which kind of makes sense because, if it's a super secret base, why have guards? But then again, why only have just two? These are questions only Jim Shooter has the answers to. That and just where the fuck did Rachel Summers go after her ass ran into Central Park?

Prowler, Spider-Man and of course Zodiac get into a royal rumble like brawl. Except, no one is getting tossed over the top rope to hit the ocean floor below. Spidey tries to get the webware tech back but Zodiac decides to cut its losses (which is all it really seems to do, anyway) and uplink all the encrypted data to the other secret Zodiac bases around the globe. The bad guys win! Right? Wrong!

While the self destruct has been set off by Zodiac, Spidey and The Prowler, right along side of the two goobers they tied up from when the first broke into the underwater base, make a break for it. Which would be a great idea. Don't want the hero of your franchise comic book series getting blown the hell up. So the end of the tale makes you think that the webware data is firmly in the hands of Zodiac but SWERVE! The data on the webware has a tracking subset that let's Fury and SHIELD track and take the fight to Zodiac. Guess Hydra was busy this week in Super Hero Marvel Comics. Good plot twist and well as more great Slott dialogue. Worth the $3.99.

-Tash Moore

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