Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #3

Amazing Spider-Man #3
Written by Dan Slott
Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith
Colored by Marte Gracia

I think I say this just about every chance I get, but I really do enjoy reading Amazing Spider-Man. Ever since Dan Slott has taken over the title solo he's injected it with so much fun, action, and a little thing called continuity, that it's like Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. are still at the helm. If you don't know what continuity is, don't worry, neither does Marvel editorial. Zing.

Since Peter Parker is all rich now, he doesn't have to bum money off of people and miss paying his rent on time, which I'll admit was a big part of the Spidey charm back in the day. He opens up this issue with the new headquarters for his company, Parker Industries. It's none other than the Baxter Building. That's right, folks. The once famous building that was totally once shot into space by one Dr. Doom in a hissy fit. Huh? Oh, yeah, it was once the home to the Fantastic Four, too.
Yeah, the good ol' FF, who for whatever reason aren't alive right now in the Marvel U. (Cough, Fox, Cough.) Johnny Storm is still alive and kicking as the only living member of the Fantastic Four and once he hears that Peter has purchased the Baxter Building, he goes full on crazy and attacks Spider-Man inside of it. Talk about being a hot head. You get it? Because he can light himself on fire... forget it. (Bad pun.)

But to be fair, why should Johnny be upset? Wasn't he dead for a few months to boost sales... I mean it created a really awesome story people wanted to read in the Hickman "Three" story. So stop being all whiney and get over it already. Geez, death for the Fantastic Four is like a walk in the park. You go away, then come back, and then you get to punch Dr. Doom in the face. It's not all so bad. So buck up, goober.

So after the whole Human Torch/Spider-Man fight, which we always get once in a blue moon, Spider-Man shows the giant marble statue of Marvel's First Family that's in the entrance to the new Baxter Building. Seems that just about every major corporation in the Marvel U. was trying to buy the place but Peter outbid them all to keep the building in the family. Let's see how that works out when Johnny asks Pete for some cash. Bet Spidey's webware phone will be conveniently disabled when that time comes up. Also the original Green Goblin is working for a military dictatorship in Africa. Wait, what? Yeah, strange, I know. But that'll have to wait to get resolved until next time.

-Tash Moore


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