Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Comics Rant: Prez #5

Prez #5
Written By Mark Russell
Penciled By Ben Cadwell
Inked By Mark Morales
Colored By Jeremy Laswon

Just what is going on in this comic? You've got the American president dissolving US military might! Going to foreign nations and saying sorry for US policy! A killing machine with an identity crisis! All this and the complete and utter greatness that is Carl, The End of Life Bear. I kid you guys not, it's a big bear drone that gives out weed. My brother would love this dude. They'd be completely inseparable. Let's dig into this issue of Prez.

President Beth Ross aka Corndog Girl is now firmly the nation's Commander in Chief. So one of her biggest goals at the moment is to go around to all the other nations of the world and say "My bad". Somewhere, I can see Dick Cheney rolling around in his grave. Which now that I think of it, if he's doing that, then it must mean he's really alive. Someone help that man! Beth does have some security problems. She's shut down the Sentry program, so her trip will have way less security. Meh. Screw the Sentries. They were just a bunch of troll-faced goobers with PS4 controllers. Amirite? 

The story also has some plot twists which I felt came out of left field, which is a good thing like say the plot twists of Watchmen and not today's plot twists that come out of Marvel Comics. You know what I mean. Where they have this major plot twist and then they fucking leak it to USA Today. To pull in the mainstream audiences. You know? The ones that won't be showing up in comics shops to buy your books anyway. Ah, Marvel. Catering to a crowd who just doesn't give two shits about your product. Kind of like WWE. Ahem. So yes, the plot twist.

Last issue, down in Guantanamo Bay, the government is working on a new sentient sentry called War Beast. That goes about as well as you'd expect. Because he's loose. War Beast is loose. See ya, soon. (Simpsons joke.) War Beast comes to life and with a sense of self makes a break for it. Making it's way to what I have to assume as being Florida, and takes refuge in a church basement. Naturally some of the church goers want War Beast to go but in spirit of the the big man upstairs they let War Beast stay. Awesome scene, by the way, where War Beast rejects the name it was given to it and chooses to be called Tina instead.   

President Ross leaves her VP behind in the states while she and her main ambassador hit the world stage. Most of the countries she visits seem moved by her gesture of reconciliation. Well, most except for the Iraqis. They tell her to go "Fuck off." Some thanks. Ahem. While on the flight back after meeting with some middle easterners, Beth's military chopper is attacked and shot down. Along with her top ambassador being critically injured. The doctor on board says without a new heart, the Ambassador isn't going to pull through this ordeal.  

Beth, using her quick thinking skills uses the meat replicating device for food on her Presidential plane to quickly devise a replacement heart. Hey, it maybe synthetic, but in an emergency what are you going to do? This was a really fun issue and a page turner. It's probably the most original thing being put out by the big two in almost ten years.  Praise indeed. Go check it out.

-Tash Moore

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