Saturday, December 19, 2015

Comics Rant: Silk #1

Silk #1
Written By Robbie Thompson
Drawn By Stacey Lee
Colored By Ian Herring

Hey, look here, another new #1 from the House of Ideas. Marvel Comics. Well, in this case more like they had one idea (the reboot) and ran that shit into the ground. But as you might recall from The Verbal Mosh podcast, and if you haven't then shame on you, you know that I really enjoy Silk. It's a refreshing take on someone in the Spider-Verse that, you know, isn't a clone. Hey, I really enjoyed that run of stories. So send any and all complaints to

Leaving where  we  last left off, before Secret Wars went down and ruined everything. Silk is now renting a room and living in NYC. Which to be honest, if you ain't rich, that's all you get in the city. Either you're really rich or really poor. No in between there, folks. So yeah, a room. Silk gets a promotion at the Fact Channel, but still working under JJJ, J. Jonah Jameson, whom I'm told created said namesake Whiskey.

Silk is also still at odds with the Goblin Nation. Seems she's finally reconnected with her long lost brother from her old life, you know, before Ezekiel sealed her away for all those years. Heck, she's been gone so long she still thinks "rad" is still a word people use. She also waits by her TV waiting for Saved by the Bell to come on. Okay, maybe just the first one. So now Silk is a bad guy. Or girl.   Her words, not mine. She's in the employ of Black Cat and goes as far as to steal a chemical weapon from The Goblin Nation to bring back to Black Cat.

But guess what, it's all a work. Silk isn't bad at all. She's working with Mockingbird and to a lesser extent SHIELD to get intel on Black Cat and her operation, and whatever can be learned about what's left of the Goblin Nation. I liked the book before and I still like it. I like the duplicity of Silk and how she's trying to fid out what really happened to her mom and dad and, also just what Black Cat is up to. Glad to see the crea
tive team ,too, being stable. I enjoy Stacy Lee's art. Other artists I think tend to over-sexualize Silk, but you get, with Lee a cartoony quality that isn't bad at all. So I'll turn off said snark factory and tell you to go buy this damn book, ya hear? Good, now go make it happen.

-Tash Moore

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