Saturday, January 16, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #4

Amazing Spider-Man #4
Written by Dan Slott
 Penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inked by Cam Smith
Colored by Marte Gracia

It's time for more globe hopping Spider-Man than when they let Howard Mackie write the book. Tash Moore here and of course my month just couldn't be complete without talking about Amazing Spider-Man. I've been buying the book monthly for about 17 years now, so it's a must. Shit, with the way they publish this book, it feels like weekly. Remember when all Marvel cared about was X-Men books so they slapped the "Non Mutant Super Hero" blurb on the cover of the book? I do.

So yeah. The now rich Iron... I mean, Spider-Man and SHIELD team up and look to take down the Zodiac group. Shit man, that feels like it's been going on years, not weeks. But that's beside the point. Spider-Man is teaming up with Mockingbird to take out Zodiac in the African safari, and Prowler and Nick Fury, Jr. are leading the charge with other teams to attack the other Zodiac bases worldwide. Which, I'm not gonna lie, is the smartest plan that SHIELD has had in a long time.

But thankfully, the plot called for Aunt May to be in the SAME African outback with Parker Industries, giving away some free Solar Panels and free Internet. Man, where was Peter Parker in the 1990's when my failing public school didn't even have fucking dial up? Huh? Oh, yeah, he was out being a clone. Or not. Depends on what editor you were talking to.

Spidey stops chatting with Mockingbird to make a quick phone call to Aunt May. Just at the most convenient time, the forces of an African dictator rocking Green Goblin duds and pumpkin bombs start blowing shit up. This clearly doesn't sit well with the Web Head. He wants to abort the mission to lend a hand but Mockingbird reminds him of the mission against Zodiac. Spider-Man is all like "Fuck that." So he ejects Mockingbird out of his flying Spider-Ship. No lie here, guys. It did make me chuckle.

Spidey turns his ship around and comes to the aid of Aunt May as well as the villagers. Not to mention the people who work for him via Parker Industries. That had better be part of the health care package at P.I. Spider-Man is holding his own until he gets overwhelmed by second rate Green Goblins?!?! Really, bro? But thankfully his bony ass (inside joke) is saved by Mockingbird. Good for her. She then tells Spidey she wants a huge ass raise for coming back to save his bacon. (Spider-Ham?)

The villagers tell P.I. they don't want any damn vegetables. That or they don't want his solar panels as they will draw more attacks. Bummer. But the book ends with the reintroduction of the Lizard who, with the Shocker, is a personal favorite of mine. Action with lots of humor. Sounds like a legit Spider-Man comic to me. Good stuff, yo.

-Tash Moore

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