Friday, January 29, 2016

Comics Rant: Batan #47

Batman #47
Written by Scott Snyder
Penciled by Greg Capullo
Inked by Danny Miki
Colored by Fco Plascencia

Bat-Gordon, don't fail me now. Which really should be a rallying cry around message boards, don't you think? We continue with the Bat-Gordon saga or as it's titled in the pages of Batman, Super Heavy. Or Super Heavy handed, as in the storytelling. Aw, I kid. I'll admit that Gordon taking over the bat mantle was right out of left field but hey, every once in awhile you got to have a replacement hero. Just ask Spider-Man.

Our tale picks up from last issue, which if you've
been following my rants, you know that Mr. Bloom has somehow taken over the giant Bat Mecha suit that Bat-Gordon has been using. I guess Mr. Bloom had the Bat Mech gear try to download Limewire. That shit'll ruin any computer. Well, unless it's a Mac. Bat-Gordon does his best and breaks free from the Mecha and and uses a jammer to take away the power from Mr. Bloom and kicks his ass. Finally. Mr. Bloom and his fucking monologues were becoming Bond villain bad.

We also get to see the fallout from the last issue with the Black Robin. He was investigating the Penguin and almost gets captured and eaten. Shit, back in the old days, the worst thing you had to worry about as Robin was being tied to a giant coin or tossed off a bridge with your hands tied. But being eaten. Holy shit, that's a new problem. He then runs into Bruce Wayne and Robin tries to get him to remember his old life as Batman. But Bruce would much rather jump into a shower with Julie Madison. You know what, I don't blame Bruce. You could be home with Julie in a bed or you could get your ass kicked and shot at. Hmm, fuck that, Bruce. Stay yo ass at home.

Bat-Gordon takes Mr. Bloom into Bat-Custody. I wonder if Gordon will call Bloom an enemy combatant and then torture him. Somewhere, some lone Gothamite is shedding a tear for justice... but will invariably get blown to pieces the next time the Joker strikes. Speaking of the Joker, a guy who looks strangely like him meets up with Bruce Wayne at a park bench. No word on if they held hands or made out a la Sherlock on the BBC. I can only hope.

The ending was awesome with Gordon. He thinks he's captured Mr. Bloom but surprise, suprise, he's not the real Bloom. Then an entire army of Blooms attack the Bat tank. They start to wreck shit. Swerve! Bat-Gordon is back where he began. Dun Dun Dun! This was a fun issue and I really dug the interaction with Amnesia Bruce and Joker. Nice little throwback to the last big Bat-story. So tune in next month to see how Bat-Gordon saves his bacon. Hint: It has brown sugar.

-Tash Moore

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