Friday, January 8, 2016

Comics Rant: Daredevil #1

Daredevil #1
Written By Charles Soule
Drawn By Ron Garney
Colored By Matt Milla

Grim and gritty Daredevil is back, ya'll. It's like they just took the template from the D.G. Chichester/ Scott McDaniel run from the 1990's. That or you could even say they are trying to move the comic in line with the Netflix Show. Which is bad because no matter how much Marvel would like for the viewers of the show to check out the comics it just doesn't seem to work out that way.

But I must say that this issue of Daredevil wasn't bad. Yup. Not bad at all.
I knew it would be hard to follow Mark Waid, which is no easy task. So writer Charles Soule has his work cut out for him. Daredevil is back in New York and I guess with all the stuff that's transpired during the not-so- Secret War people are no longer into the whole Matt Murdock is Daredevil kick. Well that solves that problem. At least they didn't try that whole, "SHIELD put me in protective custody" story that so many heroes in the Marvel U have used before. This is the NEW Marvel U. Where things are new and different. Yet, Comics STILL ship fucking late. So the New Marvel U is just like the New Marvel U. Go figure.

Daredevil also has a new sidekick in Blindspot. Yeah, I don't know who he is either, but I'm pretty sure that his story will be fleshed out. Or not. Whatever. Daredevil saves a kid named Billy Li who was working for a gang to a guy named Tenfingers. I guess the Man Without Fear has a new Bad guy to deal with. Matt Murdock is also holding down a new job here in NYC as an Assistant District attorney. Which when you really think about it, makes sense. Fight crime at night and then do it during the day. Kinda like when Nightwing became a cop. I mean, this can only help keep ol' hornhead close to the action.

Matt brings in Billy Li to turn evidence and testify against his old boss, Tenfingers. That is a dumb ass name, but at the end of the issue they legit show the guy. He kind of looks like the old school Mandarin. Except, homeboy has TEN FINGERS on each hand. PUNS! But other than that Ron Garney does a great job with the design that it completely creeps you the fuck out. The story is solid but the art here is what caught me. I've been a fan of Ron Garney since I saw him pencil a fill in issue of Amazing Spider-Man back in 1996. Yeah, that dude has been in comics for a long time. He combines the Daredevil look of the TV show and John Romita, Jr. of back in the day to come up with a cool design all his own. It's more darker than any outfit DD has worn in the comic. All in all, I didn't have high hopes for another reboot after the goodness of Waid/Samnee but this was a nice change of pace. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

-Tash Moore

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