Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Comics Rant: Daredevil #2

Daredevil #2
Written by Charles Soule
Drawn by Ron Garney
Colored by Matt Milla

Daredevil is back. With an illegal sidekick, no less. Huh. Seeing as how he is a lawyer working with the New York D.A, you'd think he'd not do stuff like that. Hell, you'd think he'd not dress up and take the law into his own hands. I guess it's all good so long as Ol' horn head doesn't get caught. But shit, with the track record Daredevil has, that secret won't be a secret for much longer. Dude takes off his mask more than Iron Man gets drunk off his ass. That means lots.

Billy Li is being held by the New York District Attorney's office to testify against Tenfingers.
He's the new DD bad guy and yes, you guessed it, homeboy has... wait for it, ten fingers on each hand. Which now that I think about it, really makes him Twentyfingers. But that's paying too much attention to details. Which is the total opposite of most of the editors at Marvel. You won't see shit like that making past the desk of Ralph Macchio. No, sir.

So Billy Li is set to testify, but Daredevil's new sidekick, Blindspot, is working as a double agent that is half good guy with Daredevil and then part bad dude while hanging with his family and the Church of Tenfingers. Confusing, I know. How'd you think I felt reading this issue.

Blindspot cuts off a few of Billy's fingers to bring back to Tenfingers. Such as nice gift. It would have been better received by Tenfingers, I think, if they'd have been gift wrapped. Since Billy Li has a few fingers missing, he changes his mind and says "Fuck it." And decides she ain't no snitch and is NOT going to turn evidence against Tenfingers. Good idea there,pal.

So Daredevil and Blindspot are training and then they just say screw it and attack Tenfingers at his church. This already sounds like a bad idea, but then again Daredevil has allowed to himself to be talked into dumb ass ideas before. Just see: Page, Karen. Ahem. So the issue ends with Daredevil learning that the power that Tenfingers has have been stolen from THE HAND. So naturally, the Hand shows up to take back what's theirs. Sounds about right.

The story had plenty of action and character development. What I did notice was the artwork. It looks just like the style that Scott McDainel was going for back on Daredevil in the 90's. Not sure if that was intended as an homage or just a coincidence. It just seems funny that comic fans like this new DD but completely shitted on the revamp Armor from the Chichester/ McDaniel run on the book. I call foul on that. But with all my nitpicking, I'm enjoying that DD has his secret back and a new job. It's getting back to basics. Well, until Matty boy fucks up again and we start all over again.

-Tash Moore

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