Sunday, January 24, 2016

Comics Rant: Extraordinary X-Men #4

Extraordinary X-Men #4

Written by Jeff Lemire
Penciled by Humberto Ramos
Inked by Victor Olazaba
Colored by Edgar Delgado

More Extreme, I mean Extraordinary, X-Men ruckus. I mean that in a good way, folks. The Lemire/ Ramos X-Team has hit the ground running and I really do like reading this book. It's like the Claremont/ Byrne X-Men before Byrne left and Claremont totally stopped giving two shits to what the editor had to say before turning in a script that only made sense to himself. And his bank account. Come to think of it, Chris Claremont may have inspired the Grant Morrison way of writing comic books.

Step 1: Bullshit plot.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Typo's

Step 4: Get Paid $$$

Hey, I think I invented this. I think I deserve a royalty check.

Sounds about right. So back to the tale at hand. Colossus and his sister, Magik, have been taken hostage by Mr. Sinister. He's trying to make mutants stronger by exposing them to the Terrigen mist that gives the Inhumans their abilities. Back in Limbo the X-Men of Old Man Logan, team leader Storm and young Jean Grey with Ice Man hold back hordes of demons from X-Haven. It was Storm's bright idea to build the new X-School in Limbo to keep the mutants safe from outside attacks. How's that working out for ya, Storm?

With Magik away the shield she put up falls. Thankfully, Forge is with the team now and has a back up shield in place. The New X-Men seal off the school and go to save Magik and Colossus. Which makes sense, because you know, they are on the fucking team. Way to prioritize, Storm. I kid. She's way better than that brooding ass hat, Cyclops. But then again, isn't this her second stint leading the X-Men?

Forge uses Cerebra to locate Colossus and Magik and Nightcrawler in NYC. Old Man Logan doesn't want to work with Cerebra because she's using an old school Sentinel casing. Old Man Logan ain't having none of that, so he refuses to work with Cerebra. I see something that looks like it slaughtered all of my friends, I know I'd have a problem with it, too. Just a little bit. You feel me?

The X-Men get teleported to Magik and the gang's location and would you know it, start to fight with Mr. Sinister to make the rescue of their team mates. Old Man Logan shreds Sinister. But then, he pulls a lever, all while giving a bad guy speech that would make Blofield fucking proud, releases a re-animated Cyclops to fight the new X-Team. Gasp! The style of art is right out of the pages of Ramos' old Image title "Out There" which is more anime than anything he's done. Even more so than Amazing Spider-Man a few years back. Fun issue and even with so much going on it never felt like a jumbled mess. Good issue, yo.

-Tash Moore

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