Friday, January 15, 2016

Comics Rant: Invincible #126

Invincible #126
Written by Robert Kirkman
Drawn by Ryan Ottley
Colored by Jean-Francois Beaulieu

A reboot? You mean like the one that Viking's kicker Blair Walsh would like to have back during his wild card game against the Seahawks? How the fuck do you miss from 27 yards out? Guess Billy Cundiff snuck on to the team. (Sports!) What's really going down is a maybe kind of/ sort of reboot in the pages of Invincible.

Invincible has been living off planet with Atom Eve and his new born daughter, Terra. Yeah, I know, it made me think of Teen Titans and the "Judas Contract" storyline, too.
He is working as a kind of police enforcer on the alien planet with his younger brother, Kid Invincible, when he gets sucked into a vortex that takes him back to when he was a teen and his dad hadn't turned on the Guardians of the Globe and totally fucked shit up, then turns back to a good guy. A mouthful, I know, but to be quite honest this was a really fun comic to read before it got bogged down with its own continuity. You know, kind of like, oh I don't know, every comic book ever!

So since Invincible is back in time and still retains all his memories, he's able to prevent his old man from killing the Guardians and also stoping lots of crimes and Earth extinction level events with the quickness. Quick, somebody find Invincible so that motherfucker can buy me a powerball ticket, STAT!

Hell, even CIA director Cecil is alive and kicking, which means we are really back in time here, gang. Invincible is doing a fine job of preventing problems but like most of us, if we left our loved ones behind, we'd get homesick. The weirdest Vortexes show up and say that they sent him back because he's pure and good natured and he can prevent further untold damage to the universe. But he'd have to stay behind for good, so they give him the choice to return home or stay and fix the past.

But just like most of us, he decides he wants to go home to his family. The weird Vortex seems a bit perplexed. I mean, how the hell could they convince him. They don't even make a remotely compelling argument to make him want to stick around to help them out. Morons. So Invincible goes home. Mark rushes to see Eve and his daughter and swerve! As if Robert Kirkman was sitting around and watching, Interstellar, Invincible's daughter is no longer a small baby, but a pre-teen! Say it ain't so. It's an odd plot twist, but the art by Ottley is always top notch and fun to look at. The story was okay. It would have been cooler to have had Invincible stick around the past, but hey, what do I know? Three out of five stars.

-Tash Moore

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