Saturday, January 9, 2016

Comics Rant: Prez #6

Prez #6
Written By Mark Russell
Penciled By Ben Caldwell
Inked By Mark Morales
Colored By Jeremy Lawson

The stunning conclusion to Prez. Well, okay, it's not really all that much of a stunning conclusion, boy, but boy is it awesome. President Beth Ross has some shit on her plate. With her Facebook approval rating tanking, (yes, that will most likely be a real thing in the future,) she's battling Congress over funding the vaccine to stop the cat flu. Turns out in the future, house cats cause a flu that could kill you. I have two cats myself and still probably wouldn't give them up. They can't handle street life. Pharmaduke, is totally willing to help out with the funding of the cat flu vaccine, if only they could patent the human DNA of the people who use it. Beth tosses them out of her White House.

War Beast or Tina as she'd liked to be called now is trying to escape her former life as a killer cyborg for the Government. Good for her. President Ross plans to send all the house cats that cause the cat flu to Arizona/ New Mexico boarder. "It's just like a giant lot of Kitty Litter."  Touché, Madam President.

This sends people into a panic. Plus, it doesn't help matters when the pharmaceutical industry get the attack ads up and running on social media. Just like in real life. Attacks on Beth are getting so bad that Secret Service agents are being killed at a rate of two a day. After things reach a fever pitch, the remaining Secret Service agents go on strike. I'm pretty sure that's illegal. What a horrible, horrible futur...I mean, present. Hey, with the way things are going Prez pretty much predicts the future. That's also like kind of scary. Yet, I'm only with casting my vote without having to leave my home. So score for that.

Tina the War Beast applies for the Secret Service job. Kudos to her for rocking the blonde wig as well. You go girl. Instead of taking the attacks laying down, Beth meets up with the owner of Wayne Industries, not the one run by Bruce, to help her with a plan because Congress wants to cut the deal with Pharmaduke. So, they pass the bill giving Pharmaduke the DNA patent and then override Beth's veto of the bill.

Since people can patent DNA, Beth steals the DNA of the congressmen and sells it to Wayne Industries. Beth will be suing them everyday until they either die or repeal the bill. Which they promptly do. Which is about the only thing any type of Congress has done that's been productive in years. Don't believe me? Turn on C-Span sometime and take a look. Hell, they only work three days a week. The issue ends with Beth having her house cat relocation plan take off and Tina as her new bodyguard. Beth now firmly in control of the Presidency wants to go on the offensive, instead of playing defense.

This comic has been fun. I enjoyed the story that had a great pacing to it and the art was cartoony, but had a flow and compelling characters. It was the most interesting thing DC comics has put out in recent years. I'm confused about how many issues this thing is, first it was twelve then it was made into a six issue mini series. Get your shit together, DC editorial. Well worth the money to seek this out.

Tash Moore

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