Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #15

Silver Surfer #15
Written By Dan Slott
Drawn By Michael Allred
Colored By Laura Allred

The end is here! And by here, I really mean the Marvel Universe as it was. Or is. To tell the truth even I don't fucking know anymore. See this is the problem with modern comics or really what Marvel has been doing for quite some time. They launch a really big event that encompasses the entire line of comics and then the shit hits the fan and the main "Event Book" becomes late and then it throws the whole publishing plan into a disarray. You know, just like what happened with Civil War and Secret Invasion. So it's not secret is that that's the deal with Secret Wars (2015). Fuck.

Well, now that I got that out of my system, I can go talk about a book that exists on the edge of Secret Wars and it's Silver Surfer. It's without a doubt a fun comic.
It takes the Surfer from being a brooding loner and teams him up with Earth girl, Dawn Greenwood. Dawn adds that human touch to the Surfer. (Not that kind of touch, ya weirdos.) It's a silly but serious comic in the vain of, you know, when comics were fun and full of colorful goobers who could stick to walls or visit the Negative Zone without the head of the company losing the rights to FOX so they won't publish your comic.

Ahem, Silver Surfer and Dawn are at the end of the Universe and are trying to create a new one where all their past sins and mistakes are a thing of the past. Talk about a pipe dream. So since the regular Marvel U and the Ultimate U are being held together by Dr. Doom, a dude named Glorian shows up to get Dawn to recreate the universe as she likes. But there's a catch. Isn't that always the case? But that was just Glorian's plan to gain the power of his boss, The Shaper. Which Glorian does. Well that moved the story along.

This creates duplicates and screws up the new universe and the one being held together by Doom. But just before Glorian can gain full power over Dawn and the Surfer, Eternity breaks Doom and Glorian's power over the Universe for Dawn and the Silver Surfer to release the Never Queen. If you've been reading since issue #1 she can be everywhere and anywhere and helps the Surfer and Dawn with the creation of the new post-Secret Wars universe.

Huh. So Dawn Greenwood is responsible for the All New But Not Really Marvel Universe. She better get some royalty checks in the mail. Stat. So Silver Surfer and Dawn go back to Earth together. To get into more zany adventures from Slott and the Allreds, which are more entertaining that seeing Superman become a Mexican Pro Wrestler. Oh shit, the last part did totally happen. But to be one hundred, as the kids say, this book has been a real treat to dig into. I'm excited to see just what new stories Surfer and Dawn will be a part of. But you can bet your $3.99 I'll be along for the ride. Stan and Jack would be proud of Dan and the Allreds, No doubt.

-Tash Moore

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