Thursday, January 21, 2016

Comics Rant: Thor #2

Thor #2
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Matthew Wilson

I'm back to reading Thor and boy does it kick ass. Jason Aaron (while late) can do no wrong, folks. So for those of you completely late to the party, Jane Foster is Thor. Yup. This is a more compelling ride than Aaron's Thor run with the Odinson at the helm with the magic hammer. Which started off strong, then just kind of petered out if you ask me. Which if you're reading this, you did. So there. 

Oh, hey Loki is here and he's an adult again.  Thank god.
  He can go back to being an evil prick again, too. It's been too long with good Kid Loki. Screw that noise. Jason Aaron don't like Donald Blake and I say nay to little Kid Loki.  His old man, Lauffey is alive. So naturally, Loki is trying to join forces with him to kill Thor. Gender matters not to Loki. Which if the hipsters and liberal media are to believe is all good. 

Loki proves just how evil he is by killing his father's warriors by talking to them. He must have nagged them to death. Typical. Plus just how fucking bright can these Frost Giants be if they got beat by words. What? Did Loki turn on Joe Buck doing some sort of commentary. Shit, I'd cut my own ears off, too. It's the only merciful thing to do. 

But seeing how Thor is the star of this book, (it ain't called Loki,) she's at the Rainbow Bridge with Heimdall when Odin's brother, Cul, and the Thunder Guard show up to take the Hammer away from her. Which you know, are their orders from that old asshole, Odin. Yeah, he's back to being a super ass hat again.

Great fight scenes with Thor and the Thunder Guard here. My hat off to Russell Dauterman. He's getting much better with his storytelling. He keeps it up, dude could get John Romita Jr. good. Just saying. Thor holds her own for a bit until the Thunder Guard overpower her. Thankfully, Heimdall has a heart and sends her away before Cul and his goons get their hands on her and the hammer. 

But she gets sent right to the doorstep of the war of the light Elf's and Malekith and Roxxon. That's convenient as all hell. As Thor is making it rain, (with real rain and not with money, because you know she isn't in a strip joint,) Loki wants a face to face. Which can only end with betrayal and heartbreak and Thor getting stuck with a check to a tapas bar. Yeah indeed. So there you have it. More action and things blowing up in 30. See you then.

-Tash Moore

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