Friday, February 26, 2016

Comics Rant: Silver Surfer #1

Silver Surfer #1
Written by Dan Slott
Drawn by Michael Allred
Colored by Laura Allred

Another fucking reboot!!!! Well, it's a book by Dan Slott and Mike Allred, so you know it's gonna be freaking good. But instead of a complete and total reboot we get a brand new story picking up where the last Silver Surfer book left off. So that's good. But we get a new number 1. That's bad. (Simpsons reference.) No word on if the Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood get their pick of toppings. That's good. Yup.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Comics Rant: Mighty Thor #3

Mighty Thor #3
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman
Colored by Matthew Wilson

For those of us who feel like most comic book publishers are pretty much just re-hashing stories from the 1980's, I can admit to say that Jason Aaron is breaking away from the pack to tell fun and innovative tales. Many of which will most likely be formed into an omnibus for profit. But hey, they are fun reads and there's nothing wrong with making money.

All that aside, Thor is great with Jane Foster handling the hammer. It's a new feel for the title, plus the whole having Loki back thing is great, too. I was a bit taken aback by how artist Russell Dauterman was drawing Loki in this issue, making him just like Tom Hiddleston. But that's cool because this Loki is just one of many Loki's in this issue. Seems like all the previous versions of Loki are in the head of current Loki. Yeah, so many Loki. But leave it the writer of the book to add this in.   I'm starting to wonder just what the fuck modern comic book editors even do anymore.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Comics Rant: Silk #3

Silk #3
Written by Robbie Thompson
Drawn by Tana Ford
Colored by Ian Herring

It's like a classic Spider-Man tale. Hard luck hero with way too much on their plate. Since Spider-Man has pretty much become the Iron Spider, it all falls to Silk which is a fun book and even if breakout star artist Stacy Lee isn't at the helm on art, fill in artist Tana Ford is legit growing on me. So Silk is trying to make sure she can infiltrate Black Cat's gang. Which should be easy. I mean, she's clearly not all right in the head. I mean, she is the chick who had a relationship with Spider-Man then freaked out when homeboy took off the mask, so yeah.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Comics Rant: Docor Strange #4

Doctor Strange #4
Written by Jason Aaron
Penciled & colored by Chris Bachalo
Inked by Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Mark Irwin, John Livesay, Wayne Faucher, Victor Olazaba & Jaime Mendoza

Hot damn! That's a ton of inkers. It's about the same amount of artists that come together whenever Mark Silverstri needs a comic inked. And by inked I mean "Pencil Assist". We all really know what that means. Homeboy just drew the one main character and then the inkers filled in everything else. Then Marvel forgets to send those poor fuckers a paycheck. They call it the Kirby Special. I kid. (Do I?) That or the book was running late and they needed to get it to the printer ASAP. With the way Marvel has been publishing titles I'm pretty sure that's what's been going on. C'mon, Marvel, get your head in the game.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #6

Amazing Spider-Man #6
Written by Dan Slott
Drawn by Matteo Buffagni
Colored by Marte Gracia

Back to the goodness that is Amazing Spider-Man. Boy, they sure milk the hell out of the title with the shipping schedule. It seems like we get a new issue a week. Well, that's not completely true but it sure seems the case. I'll stop bitching. This is the best Spider-Man since Brand New Day. You know, mostly the stories are written by Dan Slott, so it's not a secret that this is a damn fun issue.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Comics Rant: Swamp Thing #1

Swamp Thing #1
Written by Len Wein
Drawn by Kelley Jones
Colored by Michelle Madsen

Swamp Thing is back. And better than ever. Well, maybe not so much if you ask Alan Moore. And you can't. Cause' homeboy will act like he doesn't know you then ask to take his name off all the work he's done for you. It's true. Just ask Marvel Comics. They know what's up. So DC is publishing a new comic that isn't Batman. Go figure. But hey, it's by Swamp Thing creator Len Wein and horror artist Kelley Jones, who's one of the best horror comic artists since Richard Corben.

Kelley Jones gives Swamp Thing just the right amount of fright and black shading. Dude it's