Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Comics Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #6

Amazing Spider-Man #6
Written by Dan Slott
Drawn by Matteo Buffagni
Colored by Marte Gracia

Back to the goodness that is Amazing Spider-Man. Boy, they sure milk the hell out of the title with the shipping schedule. It seems like we get a new issue a week. Well, that's not completely true but it sure seems the case. I'll stop bitching. This is the best Spider-Man since Brand New Day. You know, mostly the stories are written by Dan Slott, so it's not a secret that this is a damn fun issue.

It's got fan favorites Cloak and Dagger. But since their outfits are reversed they're the bad guys here. Their job is to stage a rescue of Mr. Negative. Shit, I almost forgot about him. Good to know Secret War didn't mind wipe Dan Slott, too. Hey, I can attest to liking Mr. Negative. So Cloak and Dagger break him out of a floating prison at sea, old school. If they did that type of thing back in the day.

Peter Parker is back in China trying to build a new green car and clean up the Chinese air. Yeah, good luck with that kid. It's just a matter of time before the Chinese government seizes all your tech and kick you out of the county, Hong Kong '97 style. If you don't know what Hong Kong '97 is, google it.

Mr. Negative is back in China and selling a new drug that makes people do mad things in the extreme. Uhm, isn't that all drugs? Just saying. But then again, does weed really make you want to jump into a construction crane and try to kill your boss? I'll have to look into this. Not personally, but I know someone who can legit answer that question. Spidey rescues a guy from being killed by a wrecking ball which gets the Miley Cyrus song stuck in his head. Huh. In China I'm sure getting any song like that is punishable by death. Or a lengthy prison term.

Spider-Man is able to stop the drugged up goober and retrieve the drug patch on his neck. Spidey switches back to being Peter Parker and returns to his company headquarters. He tells one of his chief chemists to find a way to counteract the drug put on the streets by Mr. Negative. I was a bit upset when Peter's chemist gets upset when he has to drop what he's doing to help Peter. Bitch. He's your boss. You don't get ahead in life when you refuse to help the guy who signs your check. Good thing Peter is such a nice guy. I would have sent homeboy home.

Peter then retires to his private office and boom. It happens. Cloak and Dagger attack Peter and Mr. Negative enters the fray and uses his powers to take control of Peter. I enjoy reading Amazing Spider-Man because as I've said before, it has a classic feel. In a world of corporate comics which can feel stilted at times. (I'm looking at you every fucking weekly Batman books.) Major kudos to Matteo Buffagni for keeping this issue consistent with the art. He may be a fill in artist but he's clearly not a flash in the pan.

-Tash Moore

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