Sunday, February 21, 2016

Comics Rant: Silk #3

Silk #3
Written by Robbie Thompson
Drawn by Tana Ford
Colored by Ian Herring

It's like a classic Spider-Man tale. Hard luck hero with way too much on their plate. Since Spider-Man has pretty much become the Iron Spider, it all falls to Silk which is a fun book and even if breakout star artist Stacy Lee isn't at the helm on art, fill in artist Tana Ford is legit growing on me. So Silk is trying to make sure she can infiltrate Black Cat's gang. Which should be easy. I mean, she's clearly not all right in the head. I mean, she is the chick who had a relationship with Spider-Man then freaked out when homeboy took off the mask, so yeah.

Plus, Silk is trying to fix the relationship with her brother who was once a member of the Goblin Nation, so there's the whole goblin drug problem. Because if there's an Osborn involved you just know there has to be drugs. And I don't even mean the good kind. I mean, like sell your child strength shit here.

Silk is dealing with all that when Spider-Man is all up in her business and is all like "How could you come up with a plan to infiltrate Black Cat's gang?" And "When did you get your own book?" Well, crap, Parker, if you stayed around NYC after the not so Secret War you would know these things. Dumbass.

Black Cat is getting pissed that the Goblin Nation keeps interfering with her business, which you known is just stealing high tech Parker Tech. Wow, Peter Parker totally replaced Tony Stark here. Well, until we get another reboot in two years. Secret, Secret Wars Wars. Yup. That's probably what they'll fucking name it. All while Tom Breevort rips up any and all copies of Fantastic Four that he can find. While Axel Alonso weeps and wishes he can just co back to editing Hellblazer.

Black Cat sends Silk and Shrike to get all the information they can about the Goblin Nation hideout. This whole time Shrike is in the "I don't trust Silk" camp. And naturally, Black Cat isn't listening to him. Classic. So Shrike and Silk head off to the Goblin hide out when out of nowhere Shrike pushes Silk into the waiting arms of the Gobin Nation. Since he doesn't truly trust her, he figures he can have her killed and write it off as an accident. No fuss, no mess. This was another solid Silk issue. I just wish the regular artist comes back. The solicits had Stacy Lee on art and holy shit, Marvel has been pulling the old bait and switch with creative teams for the last few years. Shame on you Marvel, but not shame on this title.

-Tash Moore

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